8 small but powerful tricks that my Yoga teacher has told me

March 01, 2019

Sometimes it is the small details that can change our Yoga practice on and off the mat. When I practice Yoga, I try to be attentive and present to the practice. But from time to time, and it happens to all of us, my mind wanders and I start thinking about what I have to do after class, a conversation I had earlier or an email I have to send. Without knowing it, I am not reaping the full benefits of the practice. It is at this moment that the Yoga teacher intervenes. With a word, an adjustment, or a prompt, he can help us get back in the room and stay in the here and now. Today with Yoga Ye, we leave you some of the advice, instructions and "little tricks" received by our teachers, which helped us to stay present during the practice of Yoga.
Standing or sitting, bring your shoulder blades together slightly to “open” your chest.
In a sitting posture, the sit bones are like the feet. Root them in the ground.
When you activate the center, don't forget to relax the cervical area and the facial expression.
In Utthita Trikonasana or Extended Triangle Pose, stretch both sides.
In the Reverse Warrior, keep your knee bent and your thigh parallel to the ground.
In Malasaña, observe how the weight of the hips relaxes the lower back.
In Garudasana or eagle pose, the space to breathe is more compact but try to create space, to expand the rib cage.
Relax the muscles around the eyes in Savasana. Consciously lower your body weight down and feel the support of the earth.
And you, what are the best indications you have received in a Yoga class? Share your experience in our social media. Happy practice!

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