How do intentions benefit us?

May 11, 2017

“We start the class in a comfortable position, seated, with our hands resting on our knees, our eyes closed and our backs straight. I bring the attention to the breath and begin to think about the intention for this practice, it can be a phrase, a word, something that we want to attract into our lives today. » Some of these phrases probably sound familiar to you. Many times you will hear that at the beginning of the class, your yoga teacher asks you to set an intention. The intention is very different from person to person, and even from moment to moment. Setting an intention for anything you do is a very important habit. powerful. Sometimes the focus of a practice arises intuitively and spontaneously, but usually it is something that we can work on intentionally. In this article we share several ways to do it as well as its benefits.

The intention What is it?

The intention in yoga is what makes the difference between this practice as a yoga philosophy and a simple physical exercise. That is why during the asana we can bring the reason for this posture in any of its aspects: physical, emotional or spiritual. For example, what is your intention to do an extension posture like the wheel? It could be strengthening your arms or legs, or maybe improving your cardiovascular system, increasing your energy and vitality, or maybe opening up and trusting.

The intention, why?

The intention is the beginning of everything, the purpose that gives it to what we do, say and think. It is not the same to work as to work with intention. Walking through life is not the same as walking through life with intention and doing yoga is not the same as doing yoga with intention.

What is?

  • Intention helps us calm the mind and focus on one thought at a time.
  • It brings us to the present moment. It calls us to think about what we really want to attract into our lives at that precise moment.
  • It gives us the opportunity to be more present and aware. This focuses us and clarifies our path, and not only our practice but in life. If we transfer this intention to our routine, we add a little flavor and attitude to our tasks.
  • While it is true, intentions are something very personal. Also the people around us can benefit from our intentions. If we feel good about ourselves, we will behave appropriately with others and we will spread this positive energy around whether we do it intentionally or not.

What is your intention? Put it into practice!

Your intention can be very varied from a specific goal, to an attitude that you want to change. You can also dedicate your practice to someone. But the wonderful thing about intentions is that we can use them at any time, and in any situation:
  • Upon waking upWhat intention do you want to give to your day? What do you want to dedicate your energy to?
  • When you practice, ask yourself: "This energy field that I am creating, what do I want to dedicate it to?"
  • At any time of the day, for example when you walk, what do you want to cultivate, see grow in you? Peace, joy, truth? Another thing?
  • When you meet someone, what do you want to bring to this meeting? What is your intention?
« An intention is an impulse of consciousness that contains the seed of the objective to be created. Like true seeds, intentions cannot grow if you hold on to them. Only when you release your intentions into the fertile field of consciousness can they grow and flourish.” Deepak Chopra. Namaste.

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