What is Breathwork? Release and healing through breathing

January 31, 2017

Qué es el Breathwork. Liberación y sanación a través de la respiración

Holotropic breathing, also called biodynamic breathing, is a healing and self-knowledge technique that is being practiced more and more in different centers and that there are more and more guides who learn and are certified in this type of technique.
Developed by psychiatrists Stanislav and Christina Grof in the XNUMXs, this technique involves repeated, controlled breathing patterns. With this, it is possible to alter the states of consciousness, functioning as a powerful therapeutic tool.

In many places around the world, these sessions are done in groups or privately, in which the professional guides people, who are usually lying on their backs on a yoga mat and with eyes closed. Sometimes one is placed blanket or yoga cushion under the head. It is possible that rhythmic music is heard in the background that enhances states and concentration as well as transmits tranquility.

These sessions can be both spiritual and therapeutic practices, since in the end consciousness expands and certain mental conditions such as stress and trauma can be alleviated.
Be that as it may, each session is different and each person experiences it in a unique way, so it is impossible to know where the practice will take you during its course, which usually lasts between one and two hours.

How does breathwork work?

Holotropic Breathwork consists of using a controlled breathing process to access altered states of consciousness (perhaps it is more accurate to call it non-ordinary state of consciousness).
The idea is to get some kind of enlightenment or awakening. Coming from the Greek terms “holos” (complete) and “trepein” (advance), the concept could be translated to move towards a complete whole.

The healing comes from within the participant and therefore the guide does not have to indicate what they have to focus on. Each one lives their own experience of it and will feel what is emerging as they go deeper into the session.

There are people who experience a kind of crisis when they find a negative or blocked energy. The reactions and sensations can be diverse, but what is clear is that a state of complete surrender and liberation of both the body and possible emotional charges is generated, placing the participant in a position of greater understanding.

The intentional pattern that is followed is designed to prevent hyperventilation, although it is true that the physical effects that can be felt during holotropic breathing are very similar to what happens when the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen are altered, which is precisely what happens with hyperventilation.

In one way or another, breathing is our most important action to live, and what the breathwork philosophy maintains is that today we do not breathe fully and this directly affects the state of our body and our consciousness, since the optimal oxygenation of our cells is key to a good regulation of the ph. In this sense, in a Breathwork session, an alkalinization of the blood is produced by stimulating so much entry and movement of oxygen. This leads to an altered state of consciousness and also physical (sometimes there is tingling in the fingers and in the mouth area, lightheadedness or slight dizziness).

Although it may sound like a somewhat overwhelming experience, the Breathwork technique has been practiced for many years and is considered by many health institutions as a safe therapeutic practice.
At the beginning of the practice, it is normal to feel some discomfort, even so the guide will encourage the participants to continue and trust the process.

Holotropic Breathwork is an experience that anyone can benefit from, since it takes the person to another dimension of their own being, connecting with deeper states of consciousness in which a space for healing and surrender is accessed.

From YogaYe, we encourage you to look for holotropic breathing sessions near you and try it!
It is really a powerful tool in which we advise you to fully trust and let yourself go.

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