Why use the Iyengar Yoga Chair?

February 09, 2022

¿Por qué usar la Silla de Yoga Iyengar?

The Iyengar Yoga method brings us this well-known yet innovative yoga accessory. Although it may seem like a cold and rigid tool, once you begin to understand its use, it is very easy to adopt it during your yoga practice.

La Iyengar yoga chair It is a metal and folding chair, very resistant and stable. It is specially designed with an open back in order to offer more functions and can be used both folded and unfolded.

Adapts to bodily limitations
Sometimes it is not possible to perform some yoga poses or stretches correctly due to physical limitations or injuries. For example, if you cannot sit on the floor due to lack of flexibility or an ailment, thanks to the Iyengar chair you can correctly stretch the same parts of the body while maintaining good body posture.

Facilitates a good extension of the body
La Iyengar chair It is supportive when doing forward poses such as Pincer Pose or Warrior III. Placed in front and supporting the hand or hands on the backrest, it gives direction and balance, ensuring a straight back. It can also be used folded, so that the body uses it as a contact guide for a good extension of the trunk and spine.

Helps to perform bent back postures
In some chest opening postures where it is necessary to bend the back backwards, the Iyengar yoga chair provides the necessary support for a safe and relaxed position of the body. Some examples would be variations of the bridge or camel pose.

Support in restorative poses
The use of Iyengar chair It is perfect for static yoga poses held for longer periods as it helps maintain posture and proper body alignment while allowing the body to relax as it feels firmly supported.
Thanks to its stability and resistance, it can also be used to go as deep as possible in arm and back stretches.

The Iyengar chair is a multi-versatile accessory that can be incorporated to enhance the practice at all levels of yoga. We encourage you to discover this fabulous yoga 'prop', available at our website in silver gray color ;)

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