Learn to reconnect with guided meditation for beginners

April 08, 2020

Aprende a reconectar con la meditación guiada para principiantes

Today we are going to talk about meditation and especially about carrying it out with the help of guided meditation. If you are just starting out in this wonderful world of meditative introspection, this article will be of great help to you. Also, we have selected some of the top free meditation apps to download for you.

First step: meditation is a state of concentration

The first thing you should know is that meditation is simply becoming aware of our thoughts. It is precisely the opposite of leaving it blank. The idea is to focus on our energy, our thoughts or whatever we want and let the mind be free, taking an observant perspective in which thoughts flow in and out.

With meditation we reconnect with our unconscious part

In cultures like ours, our conscious side always reigns supreme and tries to rationalize everything it experiences, put it in order and bring it under control; and that is precisely what generates anxiety and stress. With meditation we manage to leave body and mind, be in the here and now. The result is self-healing, as we give calm to all our organs and the immune system is freed from all tension and fear.

How to meditate?

First steps: First of all find a quiet place and make it nice and comfortable for your meditation. Then get into a lotus position on the zafu with your arms on your knees and keep your back straight. Pay attention to each part of your body and notice how your whole body relaxes. The pranayama (yogic breathing) is key if you want to get started in meditation as it calms us down and constantly reminds us that we are in the present. It is important that you do it abdominally and not with your back, otherwise you will get tired very quickly. If this is the case, we recommend that you use a backup. It can also work for you mantra, created by you or already existing, to accompany you to your unconscious side. The idea is to repeat it as many times as you need or whenever you are distracted.

Benefits of guided meditation

They are a very useful tool to get you started in meditation as they serve as a guide and as a common thread. A person is in charge of giving placid instructions to help you reach that state of relaxation that meditation needs. In addition, the voice and sounds of the guided meditation help you stay focused and come back when you're gone, and these are two things that are very likely to happen in your first meditations. Another benefit of guided meditation is that you can do it wherever you want: at home, in nature, on vacation, etc.

Free meditation apps for beginners We have selected the guided meditation apps that are free so that you can start with peace of mind, get to know how this new world of meditation works through technology and thus know what type of interface and features are best suited to you.

smiling mind
Free and very complete. The user can enter their mood to find more adjusted sessions. it's only in english

Stop, Breathe & Think
This app offers many free sessions focused on internalizing mindfulness and invites an inner exploration to achieve our harmony.

This guided meditation app offers personalized sessions based on a personal questionnaire that is completed when creating the account. Aura sends daily sessions of 3 minutes adjusted to your profile.

Insight Timer
This free app focuses on helping to reduce stress after the day and offers many guided meditation sessions for sleep.

Happy meditation everyone!

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