Benefits of natural rubber yoga mats

Aug 05, 2022

Beneficios de las esterillas de yoga de caucho natural
Also known as latex or natural rubber, rubber comes from a tree of the same name that is found in South America, especially Brazil, and in South Asia, specifically Malaysia, India, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The primary form of rubber is a resin that is collected from the tree, by making incisions in its bark.

  1. They are very eco-friendly

    The first great benefit of having a 100% natural rubber yoga mat is that it is probably the most sustainable mat you will find. First, because the extraction of rubber does not require cutting the tree, but rather making incisions that regenerate over time. Second, because it is not manufactured with other materials such as EVA or synthetics and third, because it is totally biodegradable and its residue is organic.

  2. They are very durable
    An natural rubber mat It will last you years and although it is true that the investment is greater, in the long run it will save you money and also time. Furthermore, an intrinsic property of this rubber is that it is microbial so a natural rubber mat cleans much more effectively.

  3. They are very slip resistant
    Being porous, they absorb moisture very well so that they maintain a good grip throughout your yoga session, no matter how "hot" it is.

  4. Perfect thickness and density
    Knowing the importance of the thickness of your yoga mat and how it affects your practice, natural rubber mats they have a density and thickness that makes them perfect for the most common and active types of yoga. It is neither too soft nor too hard and is usually found in a thickness of 4 or 5 mm, just what you need for a good but very firm cushioning.

Buy one natural rubber mat It is one of the best decisions you can make.
On a practical level, natural rubber is a naturally resistant, elastic material with excellent traction; At an environmental level, the production of a natural rubber mat is the most ecological thing there is.

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