Exercise to awaken the intuition

September 24, 2021

Ejercicio para despertar la intuición

Have you ever had something very clear but you don't know exactly why or how you know it?
That is your intuition. Intuition comes from the soul and works spontaneously. It is very subtle, a very delicate but very clear sensation that is found in the depths of our being. It is important to differentiate it from instinct: as Osho says, instinct belongs to the body, the gross; intuition belongs to the soul, the subtle. Between the two is the mind. The mind is knowledge and then it is never spontaneous, it is subject to well-founded thoughts. Instinct is deeper than intellect and intuition is above intellect. Both transcend the intellect and both are good.

Experiencing situations and making decisions using intuition is the beneficial way for oneself since it listens and responds to the depths of our being. If you want to trust that inner voice more and feel from the honesty of your soul, take note of this beautiful and simple exercise to awaken your intuition. You only need 10 minutes and a little water!

1. Find a flat surface. A plain colored bowl is also a good option.
2. Sit comfortably, pay attention to your breathing.
3. Pour some water on the surface.
4. Following your creative instincts, draw whatever you want with your fingers.
5. Listen to what your intuition tells you. Don't question it, just keep playing with the water with the first thing that comes to mind.
6. Do this exercise for about 10 minutes and at a quiet time in your day. It is good to do it for at least 7 days in a row.

Remember that you should not think or look for results, it is about building confidence to listen to your intuitions and for that reason you have to draw whatever and however it is, without judgment and without stopping. Drawing without stopping makes your mind create new connections since you are working from another level and break the chain of thoughts.

You can add different ways to do this exercise. For example, using a transparent surface, asking yourself questions and answering them spontaneously through water, drawing words, looking for a surface on which the sky or nature is reflected, etc.

Including this exercise to awaken intuition is undoubtedly a powerful addition on the way to being your best version and improving the way you perceive and act.

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