How to practice yoga at home

Jun 12, 2015

Regardless of whether your motivation is the desire to deepen your practice, the inability to go to a studio frequently, or simple curiosity, practicing yoga at home can be highly rewarding. However, both beginners and more advanced students have the same question: how to practice yoga at home? With these simple steps and tips we want to encourage you to establish your yoga practice at home and enjoy its benefits. how-to-practice-yoga-at-home 1) Decide how often you are going to practice. As with all resolutions, it is better to set a realistic goal than one that is ambitious and difficult to achieve. How about once or twice a week? 2) Set when you are going to practice. If you leave it to the last minute, unforeseen events may arise that prevent you from reaching the mat. Just as we plan to meet friends or go to a concert, plan your yoga session at home in your week: time and day. 3) Find a suitable space in your home. Make sure you have plenty of room to move around and as few distractions as possible. Create your own “sacred” corner, clean and free of clutter. Turn off your phone and tell your family that these moments are important to you and please don't be interrupted. 4) Have your yoga supplies handy. At a minimum, you'll need a mat, but there are other accessories that can come in handy. On you will find a wonderful home yoga set with mat, block and belt (now with a special price!).
5) Structure your session. Sequencing your postures may be the most difficult thing when practicing yoga at home. To do this, you can use books or DVDs that include well-structured lessons to advance little by little. in We recommend this book:
And also this other one:
6) Never skip the final relaxation. These closing minutes are very important to integrate the benefits of practicing yoga at home at different levels: physical, energetic, emotional and mental. It's easy to project yourself into the rest of the day and skip relaxation. Do not do it! 7) Remember that yoga does not end when you leave the mat. As you gain body awareness, you will become more sensitive to your environment and those around you. You can also practice yoga at home exploring new ways of eating vegetarian, bringing a more meditative attitude to your daily tasks or sharing your discoveries with those around you.

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