How to favor the production of Ojas? [Part 2]

Jan 24, 2018

In our post last week, we were interested in Ojas. Today, you will know the type of diet and activities that favor the productionón of this « nectar of life ».

The diet that favors Ojas

To produce Ojas we need a good diet of sathwic foods. These foods are easy to digest and allow our system to extract your Ojas:
  • Dried fruit: walnuts, almonds, raisins and especially dates
  • Vegetable milks (coconut, almond, hazelnut)
  • Green eyes and avocado
  • Fruit such as coconut and slightly sweet vegetables: apple, carrot, sprouted seeds
  • sesame, honey, rice
It does not mean eating only these foods, but having them present in our diet and eating them regularly. Why not prepare a smoothie with these foods?
Recipe to increase ojas
In the blender: almond milk + dates + water. Heat the preparation with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom. Add saffron (optional ; -)

30 days would be necessary to produce Ojas after eating a food.

Our experience while eating is just as important as the type of food. For example, if we are arguing with someone over lunch, the cells in our stomach are aware of the upset and send chemical messages of distress throughout our body. As a result we are not able to produce Ojas due to indigestible emotions traveling throughout our body. Always look for quiet spaces to feed. Sit down and avoid eating in front of the computer or while you are doing something else. Eat only when you feel hungry and avoid eating when you feel upset or annoyed.

Activities that favor Ojas

Our daily actions also have an impact: laughing, touching, resting, spending time in nature are sources of Ojas. Worry, lack of sleep, overwork diminish Ojas.
Create a morning routine
One habit that diminishes Ojas is to start the day by reading your emails or a to-do list. Instead of starting the day running, set a morning ritual. For example: have a cup of tea on your favorite sofa, light a candle with a intention, meditate, write, do some Greetings to the Sun. If you start your day with a moment of pleasure, you will be able to find this feeling again during the day.
massage the body
In the morning and before bathing, vigorously massage the whole body with sesame oil (in winter) or coconut oil (in summer). The massage promotes and improves circulation, calms the mind and keeps the skin of the whole body soft and luminous.
From time to time, completely disconnect from the computer, from Instagram, Facebook or any other medium that captures and disperses your attention.
Practice yoga
Practice slowly and gently, with postures opening the rib cage. If you had to choose only one position, it would be Supta Baddha Konasana. The headquarters of Ojas is in the heart.
cultivate silence
One of the rules of mental health in Ayurveda is the following: the mental mimics its environment. If we spend our day in front of a computer with a lot of information, our mind will become agitated. We live in a society based on stimulation, so taking a little distance from screens is always good! According to Ayurveda, overstimulation is the main cause of depression. On the contrary, going for a walk in nature helps to feel good. The power of your attention belongs to you, choose where you want to direct it!
Cultivate relationships and your presence in this world
The title says it all. Ojas does not come living closed but opening ourselves to others.
You have a good day. ¡Namaste!

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