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Dec 17, 2019

Depending on the style of Yoga you are practicing, the emphasis on alignment may be more or less. But it will always be important. Why? Because really, no matter what style you're practicing, the asanas remain the same. Looking to find proper alignment in your practice? Today, we are talking about the Alignment-System and we invite you to discover the Liforme Yoga Mat.

Have you heard of the Alignment-System?

It is a system of smart markings on the surface of the mat that serves as a navigation tool during asana practice. These lines will give you a better understanding of the direction of the posture and can serve as a correction during your practice. A "correct" alignment is beneficial both physically and mentally and spiritually. But What is meant by good alignment in Yoga? Because it is important? And how can the Liforme Yoga Mat help us to have a correct alignment?

“Alignment” or “alignment”, what is it?

The use of the term "alignment" or "alignment" (in English alignment) is a relatively new term used in contemporary Yoga teaching and comes particularly from the method developed by BKS Iyengar. Asanas have a specific geometry, with supporting axes that provide a particular shape to the body. The lines will help you find proper alignment, which is beneficial for several reasons.
  • First of all, proper alignment is essential to avoid injury during practice.
  • Also, it helps to get the most out of the practice.
  • But the alignment of the body during the practice of asanas, not only refers to the physical, but also to the correct mental, emotional and spiritual alignment. When the body is properly aligned, it becomes an object of meditation and transformation, allowing energy to circulate freely.

Discover the Liforme Yoga Mat Yoga mats

Liform Yoga Mat It is considered the most non-slip mat on the market since its absorbent properties make it dry instantly, maintaining an adherent and dry surface even in the sweatiest sessions. Each Liforme Yoga Mat is sustainably created throughout the process and incorporates a unique alignment design: a combination of master guides that help align our asanas. Equipment: natural rubber and eco-polyurethane Size: 185 68 cm x cm Thickness: 4,2 mm Weight: 2,5 kg It includes a Liforme bag with an adjustable handle to transport the mat in a practical and comfortable way.

Our impressions

I received this mat at the beginning of the month and have been using it ever since in my daily practice. Here I share some of my impressions. antideslizante If one of your biggest concerns is not slipping, this mat will be an excellent option for you. The top layer of the Liforme mat is made of eco-polyurethane designed with an open cell structure that provides a stable surface for practice and a grip that does not fail. No matter how sweaty your skin is, hands and feet won't slip (tested and approved!). Dimensions What we liked are its dimensions both in width and length that are a little larger than usual. Nice experience. Environment Another important point is that I like my mat to be environmentally friendly. They presented the Liforme Yoga Mat as “PVC-free” and made with non-toxic materials. II did some research and yes, indeed, IThe bottom layer of the Liforme Yoga Mat is made from natural rubber, while the top layer is made from an environmentally friendly polyurethane formula. Both materials are fully biodegradable (they disintegrate in a period of between one and five years) and produced in a sustainable way. These two layers are joined through a heat-sealing process that avoids the use of toxic glues. Good news for your body and for the planet! alignment system But I would say that the great innovation of this mat is its alignment system. The Liforme mat has a unique alignment system designed into its surface, engraved without the use of harmful inks. The clever combination of guidelines serves as a navigation tool during practice. The plus It includes a Liforme bag with an adjustable handle to transport the mat in a practical and comfortable way. Mine is gray but there is also pink. Choose yours! If you are looking for an innovative, eco-friendly and excellent quality non-slip mat, the Liforme Yoga Mat is a very good choice for you.

Liforme Travel Mat

And if yours is to practice Yoga wherever you go, there is also the Liforme Travel Mat. The Liforme Travel Mat is the traveler and lighter version of the Liforme Yoga Mat. It has the same benefits: it's non-slip, it has this unique alignment design, it's planet-friendly and totally biodegradable but with portability for trips and getaways. Equipment: Natural rubber and eco-polyurethane Size: 180 66 cm x cm Thickness: 2 mm Weight: 1.6 kg If you are interested in a good grip, that you liked the alignment design without weighing you down too much, the Liforme Travel Mat is your choice. For my part, I recommend it for short trips or by plane for its lightness and portability. You will find this mat including a Liforme bag so how to use the Liforme alignment system on the website of YogaYe or Organic Market. May you enjoy your practice, and may you feel accompanied and at ease on your Yoga mat in the studio, at home or on a getaway!

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