The benefits of a yoga bench for inversions

May 22, 2022

Los beneficios de un banco de yoga para invertidas

Yoga inversions are often challenging as they require not only confidence and awareness but also a lot of strength and body control. 

The inverted yoga bench (or inverted or inverted chair) is a structure designed to provide support in the practice of inverted postures and thus be able to perform them more easily and safely.

Originally made to perform the Sirsasana posture, using a yoga inversion bench open your practice to another dimension upside down, since thanks to it you can free your arms, relax your neck and head, leaving all the weight on your shoulders, and thus enjoy the benefits of inversion postures as well as progress in their execution .

Before we see how the yoga bench works, let's see Why investment positions are good:

  • They improve circulation by stimulating venous return (blood flow back to the heart).
  • They improve concentration and relax the nervous system. Over time, the nervous system calms down in the inverted position balancing the fight or flight response.
  • They stimulate the immune system. In face-down positions, the flow of white blood cells is increased, which stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • They energize and clear the mind by getting more oxygenated blood to your brain and heart.
  • They help digestion since the change in gravity “awakens” the movement of the intestines.
  • They increase your confidence and your patience, as well as change your perspective. You literally see things from an angle you're not used to, and that's precisely what can create a shift in your energy and your relationship with life.

Doing inversion poses is very good for the body and internal energy. Using an inversion bench is an innovative aid in achieving Sirsasana and many of its variations.

The yoga bench for inversions allows you to hold positions safely and steadily without putting pressure on your neck and spine. In addition, it gives the beginner the confidence to put their feet up and get better at activating and controlling the body.
When it comes to having one of these yoga accessories at home, it is important to know what qualities an inversion bench should have, as well as the materials from which it is made.

El YogaYe Inversion Bench It is made of warm birch wood and has soft vegan leather padding so that your shoulders are comfortably supported. Its ergonomic and resistant design distributes the weight evenly, allowing the head to hang relaxed and the cervical spine to extend. Other benefits that should be mentioned are that its manufacturing is sustainable and it includes a poster with more than 100 exercises and a manual to guide you in your first uses of the YogaYe inversion bench.

Thanks to this innovation, once challenging investment positions are now accessible! And apart from all the benefits described above, turning upside down is itself a fun activity that will bring out your playful side and put you in a good mood!

Don't stay without. ¡Buy the YogaYe Inverted Bench in our online store!

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