The practice of silence

Jun 22, 2017

The practice of silence, Mouna in Sanskrit, is a very effective technique for inner work. And today the importance of creating spaces of silence is great. But in reality, we are rarely silent. We are so rarely silent that when we are, we do not stop talking to ourselves to explain, even tell, what we are doing. That is why we distinguish silence without a pronounced word from “mental” silence, with a quiet mind. How to create spaces of silence? And inner silence: How to practice it?

Antar Mouna, what is it?

Antar Mouna, inner silence, is a practice of meditation belonging to Radja Yoga, the yoga of interiorization. It is a practice based on the development of attention and concentration to allow the state of meditation to make its appearance.

The inner silence – what do we get?

With this practice we get:
  • save life energy. Everything that is wasted with chattering, which is not little, is saved by keeping silent.
  • We let go of the turmoil we create.
  • Silence serves to provide us with that necessary rest.
  • To connect with ourselves, to listen to what really matters.

Silence, truth and beauty

Sometimes the words we use are not enough in the face of the beauty of the moment. Silence is not the absence of "something" but the presence of "everything". From time to time let yourself be filled by the silence of a walk in nature, a cup of tea at home or a morning to look at the sky. Because this nourishes you deeply. It allows you to see truths and ideas that you had forgotten. There is nothing more beneficial for inner peace and creativity. You have to live it to feel it and let go of our fear of emptiness that we often associate with silence. It's worth a try!

Inner silence: how to practice it?

If during the week, we have a free morning or afternoon, we can take advantage of that time to practice silence. For this we will try to disconnect all kinds of distractions such as TV, radio, internet, newspapers, books, music equipment. Switching off or putting your phone on silent is also a good idea. We can also go to the park, get out of the city to some quiet place, away from the urban chaos and spend that time being quiet.

Joyful silence… at home

From time to time a happy and joyous silence can be cultivated at home. This deep silence is very healing to calm the mind and be at peace with ourselves, listening carefully. It helps to have a more restful sleep and the next day allows us to enjoy our day with mental clarity. You can also experience eating mindfully in silence. Leaving this practice in silence allows us to enjoy conscious speech and deep listening, listening to our loved ones in a more authentic way.

Inner Silence

When everything is clean of unnecessary mental content, what emerges is silence. A deep silence that we feel born from the most intimate of ourselves and that is not, in any way, conditioned by the outside world. And you, have you already experienced this feeling? In our next post, we will be interested in the practice of walking in silence and the benefits of taking meditative walks. Remember that you can also visit us and find a selection of products in one of our physical stores. ¡Thank you!

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