What is a mudra?

January 31, 2017


They are gestures made with the fingers, hands and arms that are often used during the practice of meditation and yoga, in visualizations, breathing techniques or chanting sacred sounds. Mudra means "seal or gesture" in Sanskrit, the language of classical Indian literature. when making a mudra, a special energetic effect is created in the body and mind. If the person doing it has the right wisdom and experience, he will be able to feel these effects and even see them.

Mudras in yoga and meditation


The mudras They are part of a great universe of techniques and knowledge that yogis and yoginis have explored for millennia to channel prana or vital energy; by acting as a “seal”, they prevent energy from being lost or wasted and they increase the energy field of those who practice it. Many of these gestures have been found to promote physical and mental healing, while others help expand consciousness. There are thousands of mudras, some simpler and others much more complex, but all help to generate harmony on an individual and universal level.

Anjali Mudra

Maybe one of the mudras best known is anjali mudras, which is done by bringing the two palms together near the chest. This gesture is used in many Asian countries as a greeting and to say thank you, and in almost the whole world it is associated with prayer, since draws attention away from the internal chatter of the mind and focuses it on the silence of the heart. Anjali es also a Sanskrit word and means "bow" or "greeting". When we use this mudra, we make a gesture of reverence before the inner divinity in ourselves and in other beings, connecting the personal consciousness with the collective.

HOW TO PRACTICE ANJALI MUDRA: Sit in meditation posture and bring your palms together at heart level. Slightly tilt your chin towards your chest and remain silent for a few minutes, breathing harmoniously and consciously while observing the effects of this simple but powerful mudra.

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