Why use yoga accessories

September 18, 2023

Porqué usar accesorios de yoga

Many yogis, whether practitioners, mentors or schools often ask “Why use yoga accessories?”
Considering that there are many variants of yoga and different philosophies that go into it, it is not surprising that there is a bit of controversy surrounding the use of yoga accessories. According to some purists, the oldest yogis never used yoga props in their practice. But today, experience has shown that using yoga accessories brings many benefits to the practice and also makes it more accessible.
In today's post we want to remember why it is good to use yoga accessories in our yoga practice.

Yoga accessories offer great help, especially if you have difficulties in some postures. Yoga props help keep you aligned and support your body. For example, being new to yoga, a yoga block It certainly helps you feel more comfortable and confident while you learn the postures well. Or if you have an injury or disability, yoga props help adapt the movement.

The best yoga accessories

A yoga accessory can be any object that facilitates the execution of the yoga posture. Today, yoga accessories have been designed so that they respond to the needs of the practice in the most effective, simple and natural way possible. All varieties, styles and designs can be found in yoga stores and online yoga stores.
As the yoga mat the star accessory, followed by yoga blocks, yoga belts, yoga chairs, bolsters and cushions and yoga blankets.

The benefits of using yoga accessories

They are beneficial for all levels.
For yoga beginners, yoga accessories They provide security and support. For advanced yogis, they deepen postures and progress.
Yoga accessories also help modify postures, making them more accessible for people with physical limitations.

Yoga accessories guarantee correct alignment

Good body adjustment is one of the most important things to take care of in yoga. Yoga teaches you healthy postural habits, forcing the body to receive all the benefits of executing the posture precisely.
In any case, sometimes when a position is uncomfortable we tend to compensate by using strong muscles over weak ones and that can cause imbalances and can even make you integrate bad habits or movements.
Using a yoga accessory It is possible to maintain the correct alignment without having to force anything, reinforcing positive postures over negative ones, preventing injuries or muscle strains.

Yoga accessories allow maximum renewal

Use yoga accessories creates a feeling of stability and protection, which allows for greater relaxation and renewal.
For example, if you are having difficulty holding a posture, it will be more difficult for you to concentrate, relax, and experience the restorative benefits of yoga.
Use a yoga block, for example, offers additional support and motivation to truly receive the full benefits of movement.


Yoga accessories offer flexibility and freedom

integrate a yoga accessory In postures it allows you to reach points where you would not reach without them, as well as work on your strength and improve your flexibility.
For example, simply placing a bolster lower your back during a posture, you will benefit from much more opening and your muscles will extend much better.

As many yoga teachers comment, when you turn yoga accessories into your ally, many doors open to go further and gain not only greater flexibility, correct alignment and strength, but greater calm, tranquility and renewal.

As we see, having yoga accessories is something very valuable in practice and YogaYe is your online store where you can find a wide selection of the best yoga accessories for you ;)

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