Yoga at home: how to create your space

October 16, 2023

Yoga en casa: cómo crear tu espacio

Yoga should be practiced in a “sacred” place, a place that inspires tranquility and puts you in a state of mental harmony, concentration and a good attitude.
Today we are going to talk about how to prepare the perfect place to practice yoga. Elements such as color, lighting, aromas, visual factors and the materials that make up your yoga space are key to helping you disconnect from the outside and connect with the inside. It is also important to have the best accessories to create your yoga space in your home. 

How to prepare the perfect place to practice yoga at home

Ordered space:
First of all, whether it is a small corner in your house or an entire room, the yoga space should be well organized and rather have few things.
You know, a tidy space is a tidy mind, so get rid of what doesn't work. Maybe you can put shelves or a wooden bench to put the items. yoga materials o trimmings and/or have one or more wicker baskets to put your yoga mats.
The best accessories for your yoga space at home: 
Having the best yoga materials is one of the most important aspects when practicing yoga at home.
Having an yoga mat It is the first thing you need and if it is a mat that you love, you can be sure that you will be motivated to use it.
Be clear about your tastes and priorities to choose the best yoga mat for you. The adhesion and traction, color and design, your degree eco-friendly, thickness and material are some of the points to take into account.

Have others in your space yoga accessories that will take your experience, your motivation and your satisfaction to another level.
The yoga blocks They are the star props for all levels and provide many benefits. Having a good ergonomic zafu In your yoga space you can meditate or breathe very comfortably. A bolster and/or a yoga blanket They are excellent yoga accessories for your Savasana and relaxation moments.
Incorporates nature:
It is known that seeing green or natural elements stimulates good feelings.
Plants in beautiful pots, shells, special rocks, beach wood... natural elements that are special to you.
Color selection:
Earth and pastel colors are the best tones to practice yoga at home creating a relaxed atmosphere. You can consider painting a wall or part of it a color such as lavender, sage green, off-white, peach orange... and if that is not an option, you can paint a panel and place it against the wall or hang a fabric.
Treasures, crystals and ornaments:
Fill your yoga space with symbolic and meaningful elements for you. It is about creating a small, well-organized altar with what inspires you and is a beautiful energetic force: crystals, stones, posters, figurines, etc. Of course, remember that less is more.
Zen lighting:
If you can, make your space yoga Be near a window because natural light releases serotonin. If this is not possible, you can buy dimmable lights or even change the tone (it is proven that different colors activate different parts of the brain).
A couple of well-placed lamps at a low level will bring that touch of warmth (e.g. Himalayan Salt).

Candles, essential oils and aromas:
Fragrance is a strong element of stability, comfort and focus for your space. yoga at home.
Oil diffusers, incense burners, aromatic candles are elements to fill your yoga space with aromas that stimulate and inspire your practice. You can even choose the scent according to your goal. For example, jasmine or lavender are associated with the crown chakra, while pachouli or cinnamon awaken the root chakra.

Before starting:
We encourage you to write down three or four intentions that you want to bring out of this new yoga space you are about to create. Maybe it's more time for yourself, or a space to relax and find peace, or simply a beautiful place to do yoga at home. Once identified, take a few minutes in your yoga mat to close your eyes and visualize the place and how you feel in it.

We hope that with these tips you are encouraged to create a magical space for your yoga practice!

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