Our "favourite eco" tops for this Christmas

Dec 09, 2022

Nuestros top "eco favoritos" para esta Navidad

Christmas brings many good things. And we're not just talking about gifts. On these dates there are many feelings, emotions and introspections. The desire to share with those we love the most, enthusiasm and motivation in upcoming projects, feelings of satisfaction and peace, good intentions for ourselves, and ultimately the desire to love ourselves and others better.

Cultivating body and spirit in the path of yoga can undoubtedly be an example of good intentions for oneself and a desire to love oneself and make positive changes.

As yoga ambassadors, we always want to encourage your more mindful practice, in a desire to make a better world through ourselves and we believe that doing so using eco-friendly and sustainably produced yoga materials is a beautiful decision.
So we wanted to bring you a list with our top picks of eco-friendly yoga accessories to make yoga gifts this Christmas.

1. YogaYe Pro Mat Yoga Mat

We open the list with the star mat for being the most sustainable and highest performing pvc yoga mat on the market. We can guarantee that it will remain in excellent condition for many years without losing a single point of quality, cushioning and grip.

La YogaYe Pro Mat Yoga Mat sets a new standard for mats of this type because it has passed the demanding Oeko Tex certification, so all the procedures and materials used are completely safe and respectful of the environment. In addition, it is produced in Germany, unlike the vast majority of mats on the market, which have been manufactured in Asia.

2. YogaYe Eco Mat Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

This natural rubber yoga mat offers a super soft feel and absorbent properties with optimal grip. For practitioners who tend to sweat more or those who do intense yoga, this is the eco yoga mat what are you looking for. In addition, it can be used equally on both sides!

Its manufacture follows the Oeko Tex standard that prohibits the use of toxic substances for all articles, raw materials and accessories. And as an extra point: it is made right here, in Spain, so the emissions from its transport are very minimal.

3. Natural Cork Yoga Block

Many times, until you have a yoga block you don't know how well it serves you in your practice. When you start to introduce yoga blocks (at many times it is convenient to have two) you align the body much better and allow you to extend flexibility in many asanas.

For those who want to take their practice further and on many levels, two natural cork yoga blocks It's the most practical and versatile yoga gift you could ever receive.

4. ECO Classic Yoga Zafu

This ecological zafu, along with all our collection, is a meditation cushion that offers exquisite comfort. It is made of organic cotton and filled with 100% organic materials that have been carefully selected for their superior quality.

give away a eco friendly yoga zafu to a loved one is to provide an accessory that helps and motivates them to practice meditation. And as we well know, meditation relaxes and calms the mind, relieving tension and stress, and who doesn't want that for their family?

5. YogaYe Yoga Inversion Bench

Inverted poses are very good: they improve circulation, relax the nervous system, energize, increase confidence and patience, and many more good etcetera!

The inverted yoga bench allows you to hold positions safely and stably without putting pressure on your neck and spine.

El YogaYe Inversion Bench It is made in the country and is made of warm birch wood, which has a soft vegan leather padding to support your shoulders comfortably.

Going upside down is a fun challenge that puts you in a great mood and that is why we believe that the YogaYe Inverted Chair is a gift for the daring yogi, as it gives you the confidence to raise your feet and improve activation and control of the body. .

From YogaYe, we wish you a Merry Christmas full of magic and peace. Namaste!

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