Yoga mat care

May 14, 2015

The days and classes go by and leave their mark on your mat. Literally! But don't worry: here we offer you some tips on the care of the yoga mat, so you can enjoy your practice on a mat in good condition. First of all, you have to know if your mat is PVC or rubber. Take a look at our selection of mats to make sure, because each material needs a different type of care.



  • Wash before first use to ensure good grip.
  • Machine wash at 30º C with a small dose of detergent.
  • Always avoid spin and dryer!
  • They can also be cleaned by hand with a damp cloth or towel, keeping the mat fully extended.
  • Let dry very well before using. Tip: Roll the mat in a towel, as shown in the image above, to remove water and allow it to dry faster.
  • Don't wash too often.

If you practice a type of yoga where you sweat a lot, or if you have a yoga center and need to clean the mats between classes, we recommend the quick cleaning spray. OR You can create your own cleaning and disinfecting solution by mixing water with tea tree oil and applying it with a damp cloth. Remember: this is for PVC mats only!


  • Always hand wash with a damp cloth, warm water and (optional) a mild detergent.
  • Hang or let dry on a flat surface without direct contact with sunlight, as it destroys its non-slip surface.
  • Never put a rubber mat in the washing machine!
  • Remember that these mats are "like sponges" and can take several days to dry completely.

In addition to cleaning, yoga mat care includes how you store it. Here we recommend:

  • Roll up or hang the mat securely on a bar after use.
  • Try not to bend it; if not one travel mat, cracks will appear in the fold after a while.
  • Use a carry bag.


We hope that these yoga mat care tips will make your practice more pleasant and extend the life of your favorite mat.

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