3 materials (essential) for your Yoga practice

Dec 05, 2019

It is said that the two most important things you need to do Yoga are your body and your mind, but if you add good material to that you will be more comfortable. Yoga doesn't really require a lot of equipment, but there are a few essential materialses that will serve you in your practice, providing support and helping you to get the postures correctly. Here is a list of three materials that YogaYe recommend you.

The yoga mat

To practice asanas, the essential basic is a good mat of Yoga. produces a certain cushioning so that you feel more comfortable during practice. There is a wide variety of options on the market, with different characteristics, thicknesses and prices. The essential thing is that it be antiskid that will provide you with the necessary adherence so that your feet do not slip and preferably made with an ecological material. Something essential that you must take into account is the thickness Of the same. It is usually recommended that it not be excessively thick. Between 3 and 6 mm is enough to isolate the cold from the ground and offer you the necessary comfort to perform the postures. Also, keep in mind that if it is too thick, it could be unstable when executing balance postures. Refering to dimension, it is convenient that you can lie down with the body totally elongated, on it.
I have a good Yoga mat, Is it essential to use accessories to practice Yoga?
In principle, as the word itself says, it is about accessories, that is, none of them is essential for the practice. However all the accessories Yoga have their advantages, and although you do not have to use them they can always facilitate the practice. The most commonly used accessories are straps and blocks.

The block

Blocks are essential tools that help you find balance, explore new postures and bring comfort to your practice. Originally Yoga blocks were made of wood, but now they are also made of foam or cork. Yoga props were popularized by BKS Iyengar as tools to support the body and allow deeper expression in the alignment of a Yoga posture. Yoga blocks are often used as an extension of one of the hands, but are also used to support the back, head and hips, and deepen the perception of alignment.

El cinturon

the straps or belts of Yoga aim to facilitate stretching and some postures. They can help you go deeper into the pose, and are very helpful when your hands can't reach each other or to hold your feet if you can't reach them. For example, Yoga belts will facilitate leg stretching, especially for people who have little flexibility. It is convenient to have at least one, which will help us overcome our limitations in positions where we normally cannot reach. They are really practical, and in restorative asanas they allow us to hold the postures for a longer time. There is a wide variety to choose from on the market and ideally they have buckles that allow you to close the belt. They are usually made of nylon or cotton and are very durable.
yoga-at-home-basic-set Basic set "Yoga at home"

Do you know the basic set "Yoga at home"? For beginners and advanced yogis alike, this set consists of a blue Bodhi Yoga mat, a white Yoga belt and a blue Yoga block.

And for this Christmas, why not give Yoga as a gift?
We invite you to visit our websites o your Yoga and wellness store in Barcelona, ​​where you will find this basic "Yoga at home" set and the entire selection of YogaYe products. Happy December and happy practice with YogaYe!

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