6 Alternatives to the Classic Savasana Pose

July 17, 2018

Many benefits that the Savasana posture provides but because the relaxation posture is not the same for everyone, YogaYe proposes alternatives* to the classic Savasana. Try them and choose your favourite! Sometimes he Savasana it is not the best option, whether it is for physical reasons (pregnancy, sensitive back), circumstantial (after a practice with many extensions) or emotional reasons (feeling of being too exposed when supine or lying on your back). * This list is not intended to be exclusive. Any pose in which you feel relaxed can be a good alternative to Savasana. Discover our alternatives and share!

With legs bent or Resting Constructive Position

Lie in a supine position (face up) with your trunk on a blanket folded or one mat of yoga or both. Bend the knees, open the feet to the width of the hips and sufficiently far from the buttocks, look for a little air behind the knees. We look for a position that requires the minimum possible tension. To come out first, extend your legs one by one, see if your back has stretched a bit as a result of the pose. This posture creates a delightful feeling of rest and helps to gain mental calm. It is excellent for relieving lower back pain. It recharges the body's energy and allows us to continue to be efficient for the rest of the day. On a structural level, it allows the lengthening and release of the deep muscles of the spine. Variation: if there is a natural tendency to pull the chin in toward the chest, use a rolled towel under the cervicals to support C7 at the base of the neck near the shoulders. Our blogger is lying on the YogaYe Pro Mat. Hers is purple and she wrote a post to share your impressions.

With a yoga bolster below the knees

This is our favorite - put a yoga bolster below the knees. Try it after your practice and even at bedtime!

These two variations allow the lower back to get closer to the ground and reduce the curve of the lower back. When there is pain in the head, you can cover your eyes with a seed cushion.

With legs elevated and supported by a chair – for people with low back sensitivity

This posture allows the abdominal area and the leg flexors to relax. It goes great after a core focused class or after many extensions. This variation is ideal for those who do not feel comfortable with their legs stretched out and/or when we feel sensitivity in the lower back with the classic posture. In this position, the lower back can relax much better and the hamstrings are not involved.

Lying on the right side

This posture is recommended for pregnant women more than 20 weeks pregnant. This reduces the pressure on the inferior vena cava. It is also a good option for people with back pain (it allows the lower back to relax and relieves sciatic pain), gastric reflux or respiratory problems.

En prone position or posture of the corpse face down

We are always used to lying on our backs. This posture allows us to change the focus and rest on the front of the body. We spend the day talking and chewing, this posture is an invitation to release the entire digestive tract and lips, mouth, tongue, vocal cords and throat. It is an excellent way to root ourselves towards the earth and feel the force of gravity. if you suffer from Jet lag, this posture makes you make contact with the ground. It is recommended for people who suffer from anxiety or who feel emotionally vulnerable when lying on their backs. Also, it's good if you have difficulty keeping your eyes closed in Corpse Pose. Variation: you can place one blanket under the belly, this support will allow the sacrum to make a descending curve and the lower back relaxes.

hands on the abdomen

If you have difficulty fully relaxing your shoulders towards the ground, placing your hands on your belly may be a good option. This variation allows you to follow the rhythm of your breathing, which favors relaxation. Savasana is one of the most important and pleasurable postures in yoga. These closing minutes are very important to integrate the benefits of the practice. Unroll your yoga mat and don't skip the final relaxation! If you don't have, we have the mats Jade in offer. Enjoy your practice and your Savasana. If the article was useful to you and you think it can help other people, feel free to share it. Namaste!

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