7 tips to live autumn mindfully

November 04, 2016

Autumn marks the end of a period of growth and harvest and introduces a wind of interiority. The energy of each season interacts with our body, causing an imbalance from time to time. How to adapt to the change of season and harmonize with autumn? We enter the phase of "expiration" of nature, YogaYe gives you some practices and tips to get off to a good start in the fall. 1) Rest without blaming Your body does not live disconnected from its environment! Feel and change with the fall. Instead of ignoring your energy level following the summer parties, consider this drop in energy to be normal and healthy, listen to your body, it naturally needs more rest.
  • Try to establish routines when eating, going to bed and getting up. Regularity is ideal to find balance at this time of year. Get an extra hour of sleep to tune into your natural rhythm.take care-autumn
2) A warm, nutritious diet with comfort foods According to Ayurveda, autumn is a season with Vata attributes. Ayurveda advises to eat hot from the morning and reduce the consumption of raw vegetables.
  • Cook with mild spices to regulate digestion, eating comfort foods like cooked seasonal fruit.
  • It is recommended to drink Chai tea, preferably with non-dairy milk. An infusion with ginger and coriander seeds also works very well, honey can be added to taste.
3) « Back to the body » : self-massage, crafts and anchoring With fall, mental turmoil can hinder our attempts to be in the present moment.
  • It is recommended to practice bodily activities such as self-massage, stretching, yoga, but also manual activities.
  • Give yourself a moment just for you with a thick blanket and let your mind rest.
  • As you run or walk, feel the contact of your feet against the
4) Yoga: what postures in autumn?
  • A very effective way to increase your energy level is through a yoga practice with chest openings. Also make sure that during your time in the yoga mat predominate asanas that anchor the body to the earth and release the tension accumulated in the hips.
5) Calm your anxiety with longer breaths With autumn we have this tendency to prolong inspiration, exacerbating the mental agitation of this season.
  • The next time anxiety or negative thoughts appear, simply try to lengthen the time of exhalation until you feel strong and stable again.
6) Harmonize with nature by observing it
  • Take a walk in the woods, by the water's edge and see how everything is perfectly organized.
7) Let go of what no longer serves gently Get rid of what weighs you down, what takes up space and what you no longer need.
  • Take the opportunity to organize your closet, kitchen, desk, bathroom, etc. to get rid of what is not useful and thus free up spaces for novelty and creativity.
And for a season full of deep nourishment and a sense of solidity, it gives way to an autumn full of life and human warmth. Take care of yourself!

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