How to adapt to the change of season and harmonize with autumn?

October 15, 2017

El autumn It is the season of the year in which great changes and transformations occur, not only in nature but in our very being. If summer was a time of expansion and openness, when autumn arrives the natural tendency is the opposite. And just as the trees shed their dry leaves, it is a good time to free ourselves from those things that no longer serve us.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs and intestines can become unbalanced in the fall. The lungs contain our sadness and lack of will and the intestines, our fears. Autumn awakens these emotions and allows us to work on them. A person with balanced lung energy feels secure and joyful. On the contrary, if the first days of rain and cold awaken a certain melancholy, you can act now to rebalance this energy.

How to adapt to the change of season and find stability at this time of year?

It is recommended that at this time we change our habits to help the body, to cleanse itself and the mind to find stability and inner calm. Breathe Bring awareness to your breath and give it space. Observe how the air enters and leaves through our nose, how it goes to the lungs and renews the blood there. Observe your repressed or uncontrolled emotions and breathe. Be in a mindfulness attitude, be one with the breath and try to let yourself flow without resistance or judgment. go for a walk Take the opportunity to go for a walk in the countryside, by the sea and be aware of your breathing. Why not join the autumn outing proposed by Naomad? Take advantage of the walk in silence to observe and connect with nature, without intellectualizing, simply enjoying its beauty and wisdom. Let go This time of year teaches us to stop following others and find what is truly authentic in us and holding on to it, let go that which has already died. But it is only by remaining malleable and flexible that we can let go of what no longer serves us: ways of doing things that no longer work, outdated thoughts, habits that are beginning to be harmful, or limiting beliefs. The symbolic of autumn is beautiful for those who are not afraid to see some things disappear. After the outpouring of energy in spring and summer, some parts of us need to rest and others need to recycle. These little deaths are not ends in themselves but transformations, periods of transition from one state to another. So, take care of yourself, be indulgent with yourself and with others, we are all in the same boat, even if we have different strategies to hide a moment of doubt; - )

Apparently the tree is still but inside it continues to flow, it prepares for winter and to receive in spring the fruit of what it has planted.

Create space Instead of filling your time with activities, try to create space both at home and in the organization of the day. The message of autumn could be the following: walk towards the Essence of who you are. Not to what you wanted to be or what you were. But what you ARE now. And the best way is not to fill your days with activities, but quite the opposite: slowing down, doing and moving less, creating SPACE; and above all, coming into contact with the simplest. For example, in yoga, your practice will have to be very simple. In our next post, we will leave you some guidelines so that adapt your yoga practice to the needs of your body and mind in autumn. Happy fall practice and see you soon!

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