How to choose the right yoga mat

July 24, 2023

Cómo elegir la esterilla de yoga adecuada

Practicing yoga on a yoga mat that you like and that makes you feel good is undoubtedly important and that is why in today's post we want to review the aspects that must be considered when buying your perfect yoga mat.
Obviously, it will depend on your priorities and what you are looking for in a yoga mat. 


If it is too thin, you may feel discomfort in your joints when you do some yoga poses. But maybe you prefer to feel harder and firmer contact with the ground. On the other hand, a very thick yoga mat can affect your stability and cause you to wobble more.

The most classic thickness in a yoga mat is about 4 or 4,5mm like the YogaYe ProMat. If you prefer to protect your joints, better opt for a thicker one like the 6mm Ganges mat. If you like to feel the ground, the thinnest out there are travel mats like the Jade Travel Mat 3mm.

The material

The material is a very important point when choosing the right yoga mat, since the material determines the texture, adherence and its ecofriendly degree.
Most mats are made of PVC, also known as vinyl.
Other more organic options are yoga mats made from natural rubber, recycled rubber, jute, or organic cotton.

If you are allergic to latex, avoid rubber mats.
If you want to feel a good grip, opt for a PVC mat, which also offers excellent durability and cushioning. Nowadays there are PVC mats that are respectful with the environment, such as the YogaYe Pro Mat.

Let the texture, stickiness and its ecofriendly degree be the guides to decide the material that makes you feel the best.

The texture

Traction depends a lot on texture.
Like its stickiness, the texture of the mat directly affects how much you slide on it when practicing yoga sequences.
If you like a smooth and silky surface, PVC mats are your option. If you like to feel the contact of your skin on a rougher and more natural surface, then you should choose a yoga mat made of jute or rubber.


Una sticky mat helps you stay in position and thus maximize your concentration and benefit in each position. It guarantees stability and confidence when you hold a posture since neither your hands nor your feet will slip.
PVC mats are the ones with the highest viscosity. Of course, it is important to wash the PVC mat before using it for the first time and also to apply a mat cleaner every time you feel it more slippery.

The eco-friendly degree

In coherence with the yogi philosophy, respect for the planet is a very important factor. We are interested in using products that have been manufactured with the least possible impact on the environment.

Although any manufacturing process will inevitably have a certain footprint on the planet, the most ecological yoga mats are those made with natural materials such as natural rubber mats such as YogaYe Eco Mat or cork mats.
If durability and adherence are important to you, you may prefer a PVC mat; The good news is that today there are certifications that are friendly to the planet, such as the one followed by the YogaYe Pro Mat.

The price

To choose the right yoga mat, the cost can be decisive. Mats made of vinyl and 4,5mm thick are generally the cheapest yoga mats, while more eco-friendly mats tend to cost more.

The style

Once you have decided your preferences for texture, ecology, adherence and price, there is only one factor left: style! By that we mean the print, the color and/or the design. You can be inspired by mats with mandalas or symbols such as Phoenix Yoga Mats Or maybe you want to opt for a color according to its meaning.

Now that you have all the information to help you choose the right yoga mat, you're ready to go shopping at!

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