How to choose your yoga bolster

May 15, 2020

Cómo elegir tu bolster de yoga

Surely you already know the great difference that having a high-quality mat that adapts perfectly to you brings to your yoga practice. Well, there are also many other yoga accessories that help you go deeper and bolsters are one of them. But what should you take into account when choosing a yoga bolster? This article covers the most popular types of bolsters and other important aspects to consider when buying a yoga bolster. But first of all…

What is the difference between a zafu and a bolster?

The zafus They are firm and small cushions that are used for meditation since their objective is to raise your hips when you are in a sitting position, allowing good alignment and allowing your legs to rest comfortably. Bolsters are cushions with an elongated shape and they help us in the proper execution of certain asanas and yoga postures. But there are many uses and forms depending on whether your goal is to intensify your practice, create space for a pose, adapt your yoga to some physical limitation, simply relax, or get a good stretch.

Bolster Salamba ECO Rectangular (64 x 25 x 17 cm approx) El Rectangular Salamba ECO Bolster It offers great stability due to its wider and flatter surface and is therefore the most suitable for yoga for beginners and yoga for pregnant women. It is also ideal for restorative yoga as the bolster receives the full weight of the body, allowing joints and muscles to relax and open up fully. Being lower than the cylindrical bolster and with a flat base, it allows a good stretching of the lower back in postures such as the child's (balasana) or the caterpillar. It is also one of the most versatile since you can place it flat or lean on one side for greater elevation.

Cylindrical ECO Yoga Bolster (65 x 22 cm approx)

Due to its cylindrical shape it is a little narrower and the absence of edges makes it more comfortable for some asanas in which your body hangs from the bolster, such as the Viparita Karani. In general the cylindrical bolster allows for deeper stretches as it is higher and narrower. For example, if you place it under your back, you will obtain a greater opening of the scapulae and hips in postures such as the reclining butterfly (Supta Baddha Konasana), the bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) or the assisted fish (Matsayasana). All in all, the bolster is the key support in the chest opening. It's also great for putting under your legs during Savasana.



Mini Bolster ECO (38 x 14 cm approx)

Small but mighty, it's an incredibly versatile yoga accessory. It can be used for extra height and support in many asanas, as a meditation cushion and even to intensify core exercises. Due to its size, its cylindrical shape, its filling and firmness, the Mini Bolster ECO it has endless possibilities. For example, it also serves as an excellent cervical pillow in moments of relaxation, it can be placed under the hip to relieve tension in the lower back or it can be used as a cushion for your knees during some asanas.

Other things to consider when choosing a bolster

The materials from which it is made is also very important. For example, a fabric made with synthetic fibers is not the same as one made with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk or wool. The same happens with its interior, it can be filled with seeds, shells, rubber balls, etc. On YogaYe our bolsters are made from a very thick organic cotton fabric, making them super durable and hard wearing. Sustainable for the planet and high quality for the yogi, the fabric feels soft to the touch and resistant to the weight of your body. The filling of our series of bolsters is made of natural organic spelled or buckwheat hulls. Known for their therapeutic and analgesic properties, both are breathable and light padding that adapts perfectly to your body and helps regulate your body temperature.

Another important aspect is that the bolster is removable and that it has two covers, one to be able to remove and wash it easily and the other that contains the filling. If the latter has a zipper, even better because that way you can regulate the padding. The idea is that it is neither too tight and hard, nor too soft and empty. It has to give a little to your weight and deform so that it adapts to you and the specific use you want to give it. The bolsters at YogaYe They are removable, with a double cover and their padding is adjustable.

Finding the yoga accessories that best suit you and your yoga is super important and that is why we hope that this article will help you choose the perfect yoga bolster for you! Take a look at our series of Zafus & Bolsters, maybe your ideal bolster is there for you! ;)

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