Wake up your energy just like nature does!

April 03, 2018

Spring is here! It is time to revitalize and open ourselves to this season of beginning and blossoming. In winter, the movement of energy is subtle and internal. In spring, on the other hand, everything is expansion and growth. Spring gives us energy and we perceive the magic of spring with all our senses. In nature, everything begins to blossom and we also have more energy to make changes and materialize these ideas that we have matured during the winter. It is the time of new beginnings. Here are a couple of tips to get you into spring on the right foot. Wake up your energy just like nature does!

conscious cleaning

That spring awakening is precisely the best time for deep cleaning, the famous spring cleaning. We open all the windows and let fresh air and energy into the house. Spring cleaning can become a real "mindfulness exercise." Focus on the present time and place, on what you are doing, on the movements of your body. Try to eliminate all negative thoughts with dirt and useless objects.

Think about the environment

If possible, use ecological cleaning products, such as vinegar or bicarbonate, use ecological detergents or made by yourself. use this spray of eucalyptus, rosemary, mint and witch hazel to freshen the air and your mat.

Adapt your practice

For Ayurveda Medicine, spring is the right time to help the body in its detoxification process. To accompany this change of season, YogaYe recommends a detoxifying Yoga practice, with twists that will give vitality to our organs and help you get the "tamasic" energy of winter. Are you still looking for a mat with good comfort, a pleasant touch and cushioning? try the mat YogaYe Pro Mat!

Do you know the earthing?

It consists of walking barefoot and is an excellent way to strengthen the body and connect with nature. Without shoes, our footsteps make less noise, opening us up to the sounds of nature. It generates a feeling of well-being and relaxation as well as stability and strength. You will have the opportunity to try it in the next outing of Naomad, on Sunday, April 15. doYou dare :-)?

drink matcha tea

Intense green matcha tea is well known in Japan for reducing stress and stimulating defenses. A glass of matcha is equivalent to 10 glasses of green tea in antioxidant content. Did you know that one of the places in the world where people live the longest is Okinawa, in Japan? It is attributed in part to the regular consumption of March tea. Why not try it for your morning breakfast?

What does Ayurveda Medicine recommend?

At the end of winter there is a powerful kapha flow. Many of us may have a little phlegm, cough or sneeze at this time.
  • Use the neti burbot nose to improve your breathing. Used regularly, it counteracts the effects of pollution, dust and pollen. It is recommended the Salt of the Himalayas as it is purer and contains 84 beneficial trace elements.
  • Avoid sleeping during the day, as napping will increase kapha; -)
  • At this time of year, it is said to eat at half capacity.
  • One should avoid heavy, oily, acidic and sweet foods. Why do we try these recipes of spring?

Breathe and celebrate!

Listening to your favorite music. On YogaYe we share with you our song of the moment. Breathe and celebrate! If you think it could benefit another person close to you, post this article on your Facebook or other social networks. Thanks! Namaste!

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