The best yoga set for every yogi

May 18, 2023

El mejor set de yoga para cada yogui
To practice yoga, the most important thing we need is body and mind, and more precisely, body and mind being in the moment. And from there, we can make our practice more rewarding by adding some aids. The first big help is obviously a good yoga mat, but it is also very beneficial to incorporate other yoga props. Whether you are a beginner or pro in yoga, use yoga accessories it's key to customizing each pose exactly to your needs and gaining flexibility and strength the right way. In short, to make your experience more comfortable for better results.

And to all this the question can assail: Do I need yoga accessories? And above all, which ones? And if I prefer to buy a yoga set, which one do I choose?

Well, in today's post we bring you a small guide to find out what props and types of yoga sets are best for each yogi according to their needs or style of practice.

For the beginner yogi

For the beginner in the practice, the most important thing is to commit to the path of yoga and the only way to do it is by aligning with its philosophy. Going back to the essential mind-body yoga tools, and adding a good yoga mat, we think these are the first three things the very beginning yogi needs. Practicing a smooth style, gaining awareness of the body and quieting the mind during practice is the first thing in order to move forward and understand what else is needed for the practice.
So a yoga mat non-slip and durable, together with a good mat cover To store the mat and/or go to classes, it is an excellent kit to start with. It is also wonderful to read a yoga book to give you the bases to start on this beautiful path of yoga.

Our recommended accessory:
YogaYe Pro Mat
Our ideal yoga set:
Yoga Set Book Yoga for my well-being and YogaYe Pro Mat
Om Yoga Set

For the intermediate and/or more consistent yogi

When you practice yoga more frequently and begin to listen to your body, you will know that it is time to incorporate some props to improve many of the postures you are doing.
The yoga block is the first star prop to add to your practice because it helps deepen a stretch, properly align the body, provide support, and stimulate good muscle activation without forcing them. The yoga belt also has a similar function, but its use is somewhat less intuitive.

Our recommended accessory:
Cork Yoga Block
Our ideal yoga sets:
Basic set Yoga at Home
Yoga Set You Are Perfect

For the more advanced and/or motivated yogi

When you want to go deeper and take the postures to the next level, having accessories on hand will always allow you to intensify your practice. For example, simply putting a block between your thighs when you do chair pose is going to activate a lot more muscles and make the pose more challenging. On the other hand, maybe it is time to renew the yoga mat and choose the one that best suits you or to experience what a yoga belt can offer you.

Our recommended accessory:
YogaYe Eco Mat Yoga Mat
Our recommended yoga sets:
Yoga Set You Are Perfect

For those who meditate and/or need to relax and relieve anxiety

The philosophy of yoga also has its less physical side that focuses on cultivating values ​​such as contentment, clarity and inner peace to lead a fulfilling life. Techniques such as meditation, pranayama and yoga nidra are good ways to achieve it.
yoga accessories like bolsters, zafus y chairs to meditate They are the 'must' to carry out these practices in the most comfortable and beautiful way.
Other small gifts that are also a delight for meditation is to turn on incense, use a soft yoga blanket to cover or rolled as a support or put on a eye pad.

Our most recommended accessory:
Crescent Zafu ECO
Our ideal Yoga Sets:
Namaste Yoga Set
Savasana Yoga Set
Shanti Yoga Set

For the yogi who does it all

For those who practice yoga at all levels, there is no doubt that they need all the tools that can accompany them on the complete path. For the most active sessions: a mat with good grip and necessary cushioning, and accessories such as yoga blocks y 

belts. And for the most introspective sessions: a zafu either ergonomic or a yoga blanket cotton are excellent allies.

Our ideal Yoga Set:
Wonder Yoga Set

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