Sacred Geometry: the Gordian Knot and its meaning

Aug 25, 2021

Geometría Sagrada: el Nudo Gordiano y su significado

The Gordian Knot represents the union between consciousness and the universe. It is a very powerful symbol, since it is the maximum simplification of the most perfect form in sacred geometry.

His name and his origin

This symbol comes from very distant times. Legend has it that an oracle foretold that the first man to enter the city of Phyrgia in an ox-drawn cart would be its king. Gordia, a poor peasant entered the city and was declared king. In gratitude to Zeus, he tied his cart to a pillar using a complicated knot. Another oracle predicted that whoever could untie the "Gordian knot" would rule all of Asia. Many tried without success until Alexander the Great, not finding an end to the knot, cut it in the middle with his sword.

What is the Gordian Knot and what does it symbolize?

Before knowing the Gordian Knot, we must understand what the Toroid is since it is where it comes from. The Toroid (or Toros Tube) has a shape similar to a donut or sphere that rotates on itself entering the energy tube on one side and exiting on the other in a continuous motion. This movement explains how energy and/or spirit ascends or descends through a channel of light (energy, consciousness), being able to go only so far in one direction before feeding back, returning to the source where it gains energy and moves forward. again, and so on.

In the center, a void is formed which is the channel of energy (or incorporeal and indefinite creator). Creation requires defining itself in space and direction, forming the torus tube that defines and uses the interior, the exterior and the infinite.

When the Toroid rotates on its axis, the most simplified shape that can be extracted is the Gordian Knot. In this sense, and despite not having a beginning or an end, three clear ovals are created in this continuous movement while keeping the channel open. These three oval shapes represent the three positive, negative and neutral forces that comprise the universe and how all things are part of one.

How can we use the Gordian Knot in our life?

The Gordian Knot is said to help enlighten the mind to see situations and difficulties more clearly and with renewed perspective and energy. Wear this symbol sacred geometry as an amulet or simply observing it stimulates creative thinking, security and taking decisive action when we are in times of adversity or confusion.

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