Sacred geometry. What is the Merkaba symbol?

September 28, 2022

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As we have been seeing in previous articles about the different sacred geometry symbols and their meanings, today we are going to see what the Merkaba symbol is.

The Merkaba symbol is a sacred form with very interesting mathematical properties and is very loaded with symbology. Since ancient times and with greater devotion in the Judaic religion, the Merkaba symbol has been used in art and spirituality.

What does the Merkaba symbol mean?
Merkaba consists of two triangles joined in opposite ways and symbolizes the mystical chariot ascending to higher dimensions of the universe or heaven, depending on the beliefs of each one. Merkaba is the vehicle to achieve a greater understanding about life and the world.
We will better understand the meaning of Merkaba by breaking down its Hebrew etymology: Mer means light, Ka is spirit, and Ba refers to the body. In this sense, your body is the chariot for your spirit to ascend towards the light, yours and the world.

Energy field of divinity and purity

The Merkaba shape is made up of two dimensional tetrahedrons that rotate in opposite directions and create a three dimensional energy. The idea is that each person has that energy inside them, which constantly harmonizes and turns, swinging and flowing in all directions.

Femininity and masculinity, energy balance
The lower triangle symbolizes the feminine and rotates counterclockwise while the upper triangle is masculine and rotates clockwise. Simultaneously, both forces rotate in opposite directions resulting in an activation in which the body is protected on its way to higher dimensions.
This idea provides the confidence to believe in the potential we have when we harmonize the duality of all our energies (feminine/masculine, light/dark, cosmos/earth, etc).

The Merkaba symbol in meditation
Similar to the Sri Yantra and to many forms of Sacred Geometry, the Merkaba can be used for meditation. It is said to be a source of illumination and power that helps reveal one's potential. This not only connects you with your goodness and contentment but also makes it easier for you to open yourself up to surrender to the cosmos. The field of love and light that surrounds each person can also extend to other people, bringing healing.

First of all, get into your most comfortable position to meditate with the support of a good meditation cushion o yoga block.
To meditate with Merkaba, you have to visualize the two triangles turning in opposite directions inside you. Little by little and breathing slowly and rhythmically, the energy field expands, aligning the body with the spirit and the mind.
The rotating energies during a Merkaba meditation can move fast or slow, and their radius of extension will depend on the meditator, but what is clear is that this sacred symbol is a powerful channel to access our interior and to feel and balance our energies. dual, giving them the potential to be and exist in an integrated way in our lives.

Practicing yoga in contact with Merkaba or simply having this symbol near you will raise your vibration and can be a reminder of your inner power.
La Leela yoga mat in green and Phoenix natural rubber mat in blue color they have a yantra with the Merkaba structure. The stainless steel bottle in gray color also has it!

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