Sacred geometry. What is the Vesica Piscis and what does it symbolize?

July 12, 2022

geometría sagrada Vesica Piscis

The name Vesica Piscis comes from Latin and literally translates to the inner chamber of a fish. The figure is two equal circles and their centers are on the perimeter of each other.

As with many forms of sacred geometry, the real power may be hidden from our conscious minds, but it does not go unnoticed by the subconscious.
To make this power visible, we have to add or highlight a few lines to the vesica piscis.

The sacred formulas in the Vesica Piscis

The round shape (feminine energy) and the square shape (masculine energy) appear, both symbolizing creation and complementarity in a dual world.
From this pattern, three numbers emerge that according to Pythagoras are fundamental to all creation: √2, √3 and √5.

The √2 is the binary sequence and we not only find it throughout nature, the temple of Solomon and that of Tor in England follow this sequence, as well as the origin of the entire digital system.

The √3 appears in the area where both circles overlap, also known as Mandorla, and its proportions are the exact length of the diagonal of a cube, and that in a very synthesized way defines a three-dimensional space. The number 153 is key in √3 and precisely in the Bible, after the resurrection of Jesus, he helped his disciples to fish (another allegory to Vesica Piscis) and precisely they caught 153 fish.
Does a linear symbol of a fish sound familiar to you to symbolize Jesus Christ? This form comes precisely from the Vesica Piscis.

In the √5 sequence we find the famous Golden Ratio, also key in nature. Our brain is attracted to this ratio and for this reason we see it in many architectural and artistic forms.


The Vesica Piscis symbolizes feminine power

The story of the 153 fish also alludes to the importance of Mary Magdalene. Feminine power is even deliberately expressed in Celtic churches, where many female figures such as Sheela Na Gig or Isis Aphrodite follow the proportions of the sacred geometry of the Vesica Piscis.

And it is that the Mandorla is very much assimilated to the female form, revered since the origins of humanity (let's remember the Donis figures of Prehistory) and respected for its powerful energy. Also known as Yoni in Sanskrit, it is and symbolizes the passage from one world to another, the threshold between the soul and the material world.

The shape of the mandorla and also of the entire Vesica Piscis has been used in many religious sculptures and in the construction of temples and churches (the Washington Monument, Saint Peter's Square in the Vatican, even the sphinx of the Giza pyramid). . And also in companies and secret societies, without going any further brands such as Mastercard, Gucci, Chanel and dollar bills.

Taking this form of sacred geometry from a spiritual point of view, the Vesica Piscis represents creation, the womb of the universe. A circle is itself the Source of Energy, and if we add one more, then there is the creation where everything begins.

That the two joined circles create a form recognized as the female sex makes the clear symbology of this sacred geometry even clearer: the power of women.
The sacred geometry of Vesica Piscis is a talisman of feminine power and that, being the channel, we have all the energy of the universe to empower our actions, our decisions, our body and our feelings; and for us to walk with the powerful steps that our divine and feminine nature possesses.

To meditate with the Vesica Piscis and awaken its strength within you, first get into your most comfortable position to meditate with the help of a meditation zafu, those in the form of half Moon are among the most ergonomic there is, or a yoga chair it also favors long meditations.
Breathing rhythmically, visualize the two circles large enough that you can eventually focus on the shape of the mandorla and feed on it.


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