Tricks to do yoga at home and be constant

April 03, 2022

Trucos para hacer yoga en casa y ser constante

Going to a yoga studio regularly to practice yoga is surely a gift to oneself. The attention and correction of the teacher and the energy and motivation to practice in community are good reasons. However, sometimes we cannot go as often as we would like and schedules, transportation and cost can make it difficult to practice yoga constantly in class.

How do yoga at home It is a big question, and it is very personal since it is you yourself who must accommodate the path and forge a routine. Also, at home there is always something that can distract you, be it the neighbor's dog, work, your mood or family duties. In this article we are going to share some tricks so that doing yoga at home is not an effort and over time you integrate it into your daily life in a natural and automatic way.

Pick a consistent time

It can be before starting the day, before going to sleep or whenever you want. The important thing is to choose a time when you know there will be few distractions. If you manage to practice always at the same time you will see how in the end the body asks for it.

Decide a priori what you are going to practice that day

In this way, although you may become lazy unconsciously, you already have the class waiting for you and you will not want to miss it. If you use the internet to do yoga at home, over time you will have a good selection of your favorite virtual teachers. Try not to vary them too much. In fact, even doing the same sequence or following the same video repeatedly is a good strategy to be consistent since each time you can focus on different parts (breathing, presence, movement, balance, etc.) and thus feel how you evolve.

Create a small fixed space for your practice area

You can have a small altar, images on the wall that inspire or evoke you to practice, a set of candles or decorations that mark the space... in short, a sacred place where once inside, you are focused on the practice of yoga. One trick we like is to leave your yoga mat unrolled on the ground. 
Having the best accessories for your practice and ultimately good yoga material also plays an important role in your well-being and motivation when it comes to doing yoga.

At YogaYe we have a wide variety of yoga mats for all tastes and we have also made yoga sets that are specially adapted to the tastes and needs of the yogi. 

Put on yoga clothes

Just as having and preparing a "special" space, it is also significant that you are prepared in a "special" way and by this we refer to the locker room. As much as it is about doing yoga at home, changing your clothes and putting on some yoga pants or a top will make you feel appropriate, comfortable and beautiful for the practice.

Set yourself a minimum of daily practice

Even if it's only 15 minutes, make a promise to yourself that you're going to do those 15 minutes. Start with small goals. so that you can fulfill them more easily and thus be able to feel happy and motivated when do yoga at home.

Before playing the videotake a few minutes to just be present. Breathe and feel the body, feel yourself without judgment and with kindness.
By the end, Save the last minute to give thanks for that day's yoga practice. Expressing gratitude is a powerful feeling that opens the heart and will make you feel great!


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