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February 13, 2018

How are you doing with the intentions of the year 2018? If you haven't planted new resolutions yet, now is a good time to do so! Hopefully our post today can be useful to you. And one of the ways to watch your progress differently this year is by following the rhythm of the lunar cycle. The moon exerts a strong influence on us. In turn, the inspiration of the lunar star is very present in Yoga since Greetings to the Moon o Chandra namaskar, postures that reflect its phases, to periods in which it is not performed physical practice due to its strong influence. The cycle of the moon is made up of 28 days. From new moon to full moon is 14 days of ascending energy, from full moon to new moon is 14 days of descending energy. At YogaYe we like to draw the symbols of the phases of the moon on the agenda. Why not start planting a lunar intention? The good thing is that every month we have a new opportunity, a new beginning.

new moon - a new chapter

In various traditions, the new moon symbolizes a new beginning. As on the last day of the year, we have the feeling of hope, intrigue and anticipation of what is to come. There is a feeling of hope and faith in the potential of what is to come in our next stage of the journey. It is a time to start over and regenerate. Ask yourself and reflect:
  • Whats Next?
  • What is my intention for the next month?
Pick one or two changes and don't forget to make them realistic goals. After the new moon comes the waxing phase. the La crescent traditionally means a period in which people begin activities to reap an eventual benefit or reward.

Full Moon: Behold

The full moon is a time of reflection and celebration. It is a time to take inventory, review, evaluate and put things in perspective. Its symbolism is that when the moon is full, you cannot hide, we must face things as they are. It's time to confront what we've been running from, but it's also time to celebrate. We celebrate the fullness of our life and take the time to see ourselves in that fullness of life. Ask yourself:
  • How have I been?
  • What doesn't work for me?
  • What can I drop?
  • What is the full picture of this situation?
After the full moon comes the waning phase. This lunar phase entails an aspect of maturity that pushes us and helps us deal with matters that require deep wisdom. Lto Waning Moon It is the phase that closes the lunar cycle. In this phase when the moon is dimming its light, the body and mind also relax at the same rate. We find it easier to get rid of everything that is left over: liquids, fats, toxins, toxic thoughts, etc. Thus our water level decreases. For this reason, the most negative and even harmful emotions are on the surface and it is a good time to remove them, bring them to the surface and heal them. And then the cycle begins again. At Yogaye, we have found this, in a single glance, you will know what time of the cycle we are at. Very practical!

In tune

This way of approaching life connects us with the continuous process of change and evolution. It connects us with the rhythm of nature. It is a reminder that these rhythms are ancient and organic. It also reminds us of the importance of honoring other rhythms like day and night and the seasons. These crossroads are times to unplug, pay attention to your energy and listen deeply. Remember that you can also visit us and find a selection of products in one of our physical stores. Namaste!

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