The five wonders of SUP Yoga

Aug 10, 2021

Las cinco maravillas del SUP Yoga

The Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) and yoga have come together to give rise to SUP Yoga, a new and refreshing way to practice yoga in summer, in which the board is your yoga mat and nature is your point of focus. .

Normally, it is done in calm water such as a lake or ocean without much waves. The Mediterranean Sea is a perfect place for SUP Yoga, especially first thing in the morning as the water is more crystal clear and stable.

First, it begins in the arena with some sequences to warm up and prepare the body and mind. Make sure you drink plenty of water before you get in the water, so don't forget to take a good water bottle, both before and after the session.

SUP Yoga is a combination of floating freely in the water and balancing your body weight on the board. It offers those who practice it a feeling of serenity, in a natural environment and in connection with the flow of water.

The benefits of SUP Yoga

1. Promotes mindfulness and calms the mind
To do SUP Yoga it is necessary to be very focused and very aware of your body which consolidates you directly in the present moment.

2. Promotes good breathing and blood circulation
On stand-up paddle, maintaining balance is more delicate, so all movements must be done much more slowly. This promotes full breathing which in turn improves blood flow.

3. A new challenge that gives empowerment
It's a fun challenge, both mentally and physically. SUP Yoga brings a new perspective to what you knew, so your disposition opens with renewed patience and satisfaction towards yourself, your achievements and your environment.

4. Improve balance and flexibility
All of your muscles work together to find balance, and asana practice promotes flexibility and a healthy body layout.

5. Refreshing connection with nature
Apart from being the coolest place to practice yoga in the middle of summer, going into the sea or a lake and floating on the water transmits indisputable tranquility and peace.

And with that said, all you have to do is jump into the water with this new yoga experience!

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