Ojas, the nectar of our life [Part 1]

January 31, 2017

Is there a link between our immunity, our zest for life, and our consciousness? yes according to Ayurveda who calls this link « Ojas » or nectar of life. Ojas is a Sanskrit word that means "vigour". It refers to the subtle and pure energy of our body. It is the essence of the digestion of food, impressions and thoughts. On a deep level it calms us, supports and nurtures our heightened states of consciousness.

oh, ¿Qwhat is it exactly?

Ojas is a biochemical substance that has a direct influence on the nature and quality of our physical body, mind and emotions. It is collected from plasma, blood, muscle, adipose tissue, bone, bone marrow, semen, and eggs. In Western terms, Ojas is associated with protoplasm, the ground substance of all cells. But, in reality it is a more subtle essence. It is related to the strength of kapha dosha, meaning that it is influenced by the elements of earth and water. The main location of Ojas is in our heart and it is from there that it circulates throughout our body.

100 bites of food make a drop of blood; 100 drops of blood make 1 drop of Ojas. Yogi Bhajan

The resplendent image of lightness, grace and beauty that Ojas confers on a person are its perceptible outward effects. The inner effect of it is the feeling of peace, serene happiness and a very, very strong immunity. We were born with an adequate load of Ojas in our organism. We are losing it more or less quickly depending on the chosen lifestyle, stress, managing our emotions, etc. Ama, the toxins, are the opposite of Ojas.

Do I have a good level of Ojas?

With low Ojas:
  • you have bad breath and your tongue has a white coating.
  • You have poor digestion, generalized pain,
  • fatigue, depression and you are susceptible to infections.
When it is in excess:
  • you tend to resign yourself and lose the desire to progress.
When Ojas is deficient:
  • the mind is quickly exhausted.
  • You lose the calm and stability that characterizes it.
  • The nervous system deteriorates and emotional illnesses may occur.
When you have good Ojas:
  • you feel energetic after sleeping,
  • your skin is radiant and your tongue is clean and pink.
  • You also feel light and centered throughout the day, your mind is clear, and you rarely get sick.
  • When Ojas is balanced, the mind is prepared to withstand periods of stress without losing its cool.
You cannot get Ojas from night to day. But the good news is that by making some changes in your routine, in your diet, in the way you eat and in the way you relate to the world, you will be able to favor your nectar of life.

To find out how to activate and nourish your « nectar of life », don't miss our next post ;-)!

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