Why use a Yoga block?

Dec 21, 2018

Among the different Yoga accessories that we can use, perhaps one of the most useful is the Yoga blocks or bricks. They call them blocks for a reason. Blocks are essential tools that help you find balance, explore new poses, and help bring comfort to your practice. These are blocks made of different materials. Originally Yoga blocks were made of wood, but now they are also made of foam or cork.

QWhy use a brick?

Yoga props were popularized by BKS Iyengar as tools to support the body and allow deeper expression in the alignment of a Yoga posture. Yoga blocks are often used as an extension of one of the hands, but are also used to support the back, head and hips, and deepen the perception of alignment. A Yoga block is most helpful for beginning students or those who have experienced injuries or other physical limitations, but more advanced practitioners can use these props to safely learn more challenging new poses.

How to choose your Yoga block?

When you buy a Yoga block you will need to consider size, material, cost and quantity. BKS Iyengar said that the ideal block is 22,8cm x 11,44cm x 7,6cm, but you will find blocks larger or smaller than this. Choosing a larger or smaller block will depend on the size of your hands and the level of your flexibility. If you have small hands and good flexibility, you should consider a size small block. If on the contrary, if you have big hands and little flexibility think about considering a big block.

¿What are Yoga blocks for??

Yoga blocks are accessories that help us adapt postures and make them accessible when we are not yet able to do their full version. In other cases, they also help us strengthen certain muscles while performing the asana. Placing them on their different sides, the Yoga blocks offer different heights that we can use according to our needs in each posture. They are really helpful in maintaining proper body alignment. Yoga blocks can also be used to support certain passive stretches and Restorative yoga, a very gentle type of yoga that uses props as an essential part of the poses to encourage mental and physical relaxation.

How to use your Yoga block?

The height of the bricks makes it easier to get into some poses because they "raise the ground" considerably, for those who cannot bend down and touch it with their hands. This makes them especially recommended for standing poses, for example in Trikonasana. Standing forward bends such as Uttanasana (Standing Pincer) or Parsvottanasana (pictured). Shall we try? In our next post, you will discover the cork block, THE natural and safe alternative to traditional yoga blocks. Enjoy your practice. Namaste!

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