Why surfing and yoga go so well together

Aug 02, 2020

Por qué el surf y el yoga van tan bien juntos

With the arrival of summer, the holidays arrive and it is likely that the destination is a beach. What if we add a sea with waves to that beach?

Surfing is becoming more and more popular and is known for being one of the most complete sports, both physically and mentally. Also, it turns out that surfing and yoga are close friends because they share very similar philosophy and goals. If you had planned to do a surf trip this summer, in this post we will tell you how your yogi experience will help you ride all the waves!


stronger body

On a physical level, the constant practice of yoga provides a strong and toned body so that in the water you will have all the resistance and strength that this sport requires. When you practice yoga sequences, you improve your balance and coordination. This will give you fluidity and precision when getting up and standing on the board. In yoga, we learn that the mind and breath are intimately connected. When the sea rolls over you, you can be underwater for a few seconds that can seem like an eternity if you panic. With the help of Pranayama, we will be able to calm down in moments of stress in the water. 

Union between body and mind

Yoga means union between body and mind. Asana practice makes us more aware of our body and we learn to naturally focus our attention and energy on certain muscles and body parts. In a purely physical aspect, for example, when lying down on the board and paddling, it is very important to activate the entire core and leg area so that our body and the board are a single firm block of projection. In a more mental aspect, yoga seeks the material consciousness of the body and also the spiritual consciousness. Yoga helps us recognize the two and bring them together in harmony. What often happens, especially while learning to surf, is that when you catch a wave the world disappears and you lose track of what you're doing. In those fleeting seconds, you have to be present and know how to focus and connect body and mind so that both understand and respond to the wave, being able to ride it successfully.


be in the moment

In surfing you are obliged to be here and now. It requires precise timing and constant attention, as well as calm and patience to wait and know how to choose the perfect wave. It is about observing the movement and riding on a dynamic force, an unpredictable and always different force. When you are in movement upon movement, you enter a state of liberation in which nothing exists and everything exists. But the technique requires waking up to ride the wave. You awaken your consciousness in that fleeting moment, and it is then that you are more present than ever. The connection established between the surfer and the ocean is a beautiful allegory of life: being present in the here and now, we will be able to flow in a universe that is in constant movement and transformation.

From YogaYe we are sure that you are going to love it, so now you know, go ahead and practice it this summer!

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