What is Chyavanaprasha and its benefits

March 19, 2015

chyavanaprasha is a rejuvenating and adaptogenic tonic made using an ancient Ayurveda formula - the ancient system of Indian medicine - that combines more than forty "rasayana" (rejuvenating) plants. This herbal blend is a powerful immune system booster with energizing capabilities, thus promoting longevity and acting as an anti-aging tonic. Its presentation, in the form of jelly, is dark brown in color and has a sweet and spicy flavor. The main component of chyavanaprasha It is the Amalaki fruit or Indian gooseberry, which contains 30 times more vitamin C than oranges. In addition, it contains among others cardamom, ashvagandha (bufera) and neem. Herbal extracts are mixed with honey resulting in the consistency of a jelly that you can dilute in water and drink as an infusion, or have as a jam on toast.
Benefits of Chyavanaprasha jelly chyavanaprasha It is an excellent tonic that acts mainly by strengthening the immune system. Its high content of vitamin C is the main reason for its rejuvenating effect, since it protects your body from viral infections, bacteria, and fungi, together with the action of neem.
  • It acts on the respiratory system and is especially beneficial for the functioning of the lungs, preventing diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis.
  • It aids digestion by balancing stomach acids and promotes nutrient absorption. Relieves constipation problems, reduces flatulence, and relieves nausea and diarrhea.
  • It helps purify the blood, stimulates the proper functioning of the liver, and improves the elimination of toxins.
  • It promotes the proper functioning of the heart, is a powerful energizer for the brain, and helps improve concentration and memory. It also has adaptogenic properties both in situations of physical and emotional stress.
  • chyavanaprasha It also has benefits on the skin and hair, preventing the formation of wrinkles and gray hair. Its antioxidant power delays the aging of cells promoting youth and longevity.
  • It improves sexual energy and the capacity for pleasure by keeping all the sensitive organs healthy.
To reap all the benefits of chyavanaprasha, it is recommended that adults take 5 grams -a tablespoon of tea- in the morning and another at night. For children over one year, half a tablespoon a day is recommended. You can get your boat from chyavanaprasha in our online store or in our physical store inside the Woki Organic Market, calle Asturies 22, in Barcelona. It's worth a try.

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