What is hormonal Yoga?

March 27, 2019

Our blogger has followed a training in which she was taught the table of dynamic hormonal yoga therapy exercises for women (YTH) created by Dinah Rodriguez. Today in YogaYe, he tells you about his experience.

What is Hormone Yoga Therapy?

Hormonal Yoga Therapy for Women (YTH) is a natural therapy that helps relieve or eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause and correct hormonal imbalance. It is a table of dynamic exercises of 30 minutes that activate the endocrine glands and balance the levels of hormones in women. It does this thanks to the combination of yoga postures, breathing techniques and energy work. The series is made up of: - basic breathing techniques and activation of the bandhas - warm-up exercises - a series of dynamic exercises and Yoga Nidra - pranayamas and anti-stress exercises.

How It Works

This holistic method reactivates the production of hormones and balances the hormonal level. His focus is on women's endocrine glands, primarily the ovaries, thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands.

Dinah and the origins of YTH

dinah rodrigues is a Brazilian woman in her 90s who has practiced yoga for decades. It all started at a gynecological check-up, when Dinah Rodrigues was 65 years old and the gynecologist told her that she couldn't believe how healthy and full of vitality she was. This is how Dinah began to study the female endocrine system and then developed a series of exercises to help women with their hormonal problems.

Who is it geared towards?

Although YTH was originally created for women with menopausal symptoms, Dinah soon discovered that hormonal yoga benefited women of any age suffering from hormonal imbalance, including teenagers. It is aimed at all women over the age of 35, a period in which the production of hormones generally begins to decrease, and for those who are younger with hormonal imbalances. Like any treatment, it has certain contraindications, not practicing or varying certain aspects in case of pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, endometriosis, breast or uterine cancer, fibroids.

What are the benefits?

Practicing hormonal yoga has many benefits for overall health and vitality. Improves symptoms of menopause or symptoms of hormonal imbalances:
  • premenstrual syndrome, amenorrhea, irregular periods, infertility,
  • polycystic ovaries,
  • hypothyroidism
  • recurring headache,
  • anxiety, irritability,
  • pregnancy project, pre-menopause, early menopause.
It also increases body flexibility, detoxifies the body, strengthens immunity and the pelvic floor and has a rejuvenating and beautifying effect. It also serves as prevention of osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. Like any natural method, regular practice is necessary to obtain its greatest benefits.

Our experience:

It is a type of Yoga quite different from what we usually practice, both for breathing - Bhastrika breathing allows you to activate the whole body and has the function of massaging different internal organs - and for exercises. It consists of a series of dynamic exercises from different yoga traditions: hatha, kundalini, yoga nidra and Tibetan energy yoga. It is a holistic approach to our body: it works both physically and energetically. In case of hormonal imbalance or thyroid dysfunction, it is recommended to practice every day for the first three months and then move on to three times a week. Do you dare to try? Remember that you can also visit us and find a selection of products in one of our physical stores.

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