What is sacred geometry?

Aug 17, 2020

¿Qué es la Geometría Sagrada?

The concept of sacred geometry is heard more and more, but do we know what it is exactly? First of all, geometry alone studies the properties of space, the surface and volume of solid bodies, as well as how to measure them and the relationships between points, lines and angles. On the other hand, the term "sacred" designates everything that is venerated to a divinity cult or that is related to some belief and its mysteries.

Well, sacred geometry refers to the universal patterns that are present in all things in our reality and that respond harmoniously to geometric rules and mathematical reasons. For example, there are thousands of forms observed in nature that respond to geometric patterns. The nautilus shell grows at a constant rate and thus its shell forms a spiral algorithm that allows it to grow in proportion without altering its shape. Another example is bee hives, built in perfect hexagonal cells. 

Sacred geometry interprets the hidden symbology in each of the forms of nature, since everything in the universe comes from the same source or universal intelligence (we can call it God, Mother Earth, Cosmos...). Sacred geometry or golden ratio must be understood as the recognition of patterns, a complex vision of symbols and structures that represent time, space and form. Patterns of existence that are perceived as sacred.

Sacred Geometry Applications

Since ancient times, the golden ratio has been used in the planning of spaces and buildings such as churches, mosques, religious monuments, altars and religious art. This is how, for example, mandalas and yantras are born. When we see the simplification of these complex patterns in art and architecture designs, we are enshrining the laws of creation and the divine master plan of the universe. Contemplating and meditating through these forms opens the doors to the awareness that everything is connected under the same laws and wisdom of the universe.

geometric archetypes

There are 7 main forms within sacred geometry: the five platonic solids, the circle, and the spiral. The five solids are the tetrahedron, the cube, the octahedron, the icosahedron and the dodecahedron: they are all symmetrical forms, all their angles are equal, and they fit within the universal matrix (sphere).

From a simple atom or a leaf of a tree to an immense galaxy or a forest, they respond to the same geometric pattern. Throughout history, certain geometric archetypes have been recognized. An archetype is hermetic (as above, so below), it is perfect and immutable, and it has a symbolic and psychological meaning. The best known are:
- the flower of Life
- the cube of metaton
- vesica pisces
- the bull tubes (Gordian knot, Tibetan...)
- the tetrahedral star (merkaba)

All creation is made up of energy. And this energy is not there randomly nor does it move randomly. Energy follows a rhythm, and within a rhythm lies a pattern. In this sense, behind every vibration, behind every frequency, there is an existing geometric map, an algorithm that unites and creates all realities. When your rational mind begins to understand all this, a new and beautiful perspective on life opens up before you.

Do you want to know more about this magical topic? Visit us very soon! We will have more super interesting articles about the prime and other geometric archetypes ;)

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