What clothes are worn for yoga?

January 31, 2017

¿Qué ropa se usa para yoga?

When you practice yoga, wearing the right clothes is a part that should be taken into account as it will directly affect your experience and can give you confidence, comfort and well-being. 
Stick around for our quick and easy guide on what to wear to a yoga class.

Basic yoga clothes

The essential items that you should have in your wardrobe are:

  • Yoga leggings or shorts
  • a sports bra
  • A sleeveless or tank top.

For a yoga class you should not wear socks or shoes.
As an option, you can wear a warmer top layer that you can easily remove during class.

Do I need special yoga clothes?

It's normal to wonder if you need clothes made especially for yoga.
The truth is that you probably already have clothes in your closet that will serve you for your first yoga classes. Over time, you may have a desire, need, and/or opportunity to invest in clothing designed for yoga.

Yoga clothing usually offers some benefits and features such as:

  • more breathable and sustainable materials
  • greater elasticity and resistance
  • the minimum of zippers and buttons
  • very flat seams

The yoga leggings

Pants being comfortable is very important as they cover a part of the body that moves a lot and in many ways. It is also important that the waist does not tighten, because breathing is a very important part of the practice. 
Yoga leggings are designed to be thin, flexible and fit naturally so you can sit and stretch in your yoga mat without feeling any kind of pressure or oppression. 

That said, if you don't feel comfortable in tight yoga leggings, you can opt for other looser long pants or shorts as well.

bare feet

Yoga is practiced totally barefoot since on many occasions the body is activated through the arches of the feet and the toes. Feeling your feet on your yoga mat helps you feel grounded in poses that require balance and stability.
If you feel that you would like to have something between your feet and your yoga matYou can bring your own to class. yoga towel, which is specially designed with extra stickiness.

Bra & Yoga Tops

Now they make sports bras designed to wear nothing else. Many of them have higher necks for more coverage and designs of all kinds. There are also tank tops with a built-in bra inside.
In general, they should be made of light material, without underwire and with subtle seams to ensure maximum comfort in twisting and bent poses.

Layer for extra warmth

In many yoga classes, gentle stretches are first done to warm up the muscles. Also at the end of the class it is possible that your body starts to cool down. It's at these times that an extra layer like a loose-fitting long-sleeved T-shirt or fine cotton jersey can do you good.

We hope this post has been useful in preparing your wardrobe for your next yoga class.
In the end, the most important thing is that you feel safe, beautiful and very comfortable so that your body can move freely. Whether that means going with matching pieces, a multi-strap top or organic cotton leggings, that will totally depend on your style!

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