What can you give to someone who does yoga?🎁

Dec 16, 2021

¿Qué se le puede regalar a alguien que hace yoga?🎁

🔝The best gifts for someone who does yoga

With these special dates like Christmas approaching, we have brought you a list of the best yoga gifts that you can give to that special person who does yoga (see details below).

1. yoga mat

2. Yoga mat and bag set

3. meditation cushion

4. Yoga mat set, cover, yoga blocks and belt

5. Complete yoga mat set with bag, block, belt and meditation cushion

As you have surely noticed, more and more people are practicing yoga, either in a studio or at home, whether it is a more breathing type of yoga or more physically intense.
The benefits are many, but in a few words, yoga seeks balance and physical, mental and spiritual well-being. So why not pamper that loved one by providing him with what he needs for a happy yoga practice?

We explain in more detail the list of the top gifts for yoga lovers:

1. Yoga mat

Unquestionably the number one accessory for any yoga practice. We recommend the YogaYe ECO Mat 4 mm for three simple but great reasons: first, because it is highly non-slip, you can use both sides and practice all kinds of yoga; second, because it is a yoga mat conscious, biodegradable and made from 100% natural rubber; and third, because it offers very long durability and resistance at a very affordable price.

2. Yoga mat and bag set

Why give one gift when you can give two? The Om yoga set It is the best gift for someone who does yoga in a studio.
La YogaYe Pro Mat 4,5mm Provides excellent cushioning and grip and is ideal for all types of yoga. Transporting it will be a delight thanks to the Yoga Mat Bag. It is waterproof, resistant quality and very comfortable. In short, a very practical yoga set!

This Yoga Set comes in purple or in green and turquoise.

3. Meditation cushion

This is the perfect gift for someone who meditates or intends to start meditating.
Its gradient and crescent shape comfortably adapt to the body during meditation in positions such as the lotus flower.
With the Crescent Zafu ECO you can't go wrong, it's the cushion par excellence of meditation ;)

4. Set of yoga mat, cover, yoga blocks and belt

El Yoga Set "You're Perfect" It is designed for the yogi who wants to evolve their practice at home.
It is made up of the YogaYe Pro Mat 4 mm, conscientiously made and with unsurpassed performance, a yoga belt white two natural cork yoga blocks as well as the 100% cotton cover by YogaYe.

It includes all the essentials for a precise and deep yoga practice, giving the most demanding yogi the tools for a complete practice.

5. Complete set of yoga mat with bag, block, belt and meditation cushion

For that special someone who loves yoga and wants to go further, the Yoga Set "Wonderful" is the super gift.
It has the set of yoga accessories to enjoy an experience at all levels: YogaYe Pro Mat 4 mm excellent durability, cushioning and grip; the Zafu Classic ECO offers all the comfort to meditate; the block and yoga belt they guarantee a correct alignment in the asanas; and finally one yoga mat bag most comfortable and spacious.
The "Wonder" Yoga Set is undoubtedly the most complete set you can find!

We hope you liked this list, not only to find the perfect gift but also for yourself! so add and share it to your wish list this Christmas ;)

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