Who is the Hindu goddess Saraswati?

October 17, 2022

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Maa Saraswati is the Hindu goddess who represents education, the arts, and wisdom. Her name derives from the Sanskrit root “Saras” which means “that which is fluid”. Maa Saraswati thus represents the free flow of knowledge, consciousness and creativity.
Daughter of Shiva and Durga, Saraswati endows humans with the powers of communication, wisdom, and learning.

Representation of Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati has four hands that represent the four pillars of all human learning: intellect, mind, alertness, and ego. In one of her hands she always has writings that represent the constant path of learning and in another hand she opposes a lotus (true knowledge).
With another of his hands he plays music with the veena, a string instrument that symbolizes the harmony of the mind with the body. In the last hand she usually wears a japa mala to invoke spiritual knowledge.

Maa Sarwaswati renounces worldly desires and therefore does not wear much heavy jewelry. She represents simplicity and elegance, and wisdom being the opposite of the darkness of ignorance, Saraswati wears white and stands on a white swan - a symbol of purity and discrimination. She also has a peacock close to her, which alofts beauty and is an alert to vanity and ego.

Saraswati symbolizes creativity, learning and wisdom

Maa Saraswati represents uniqueness, independence and challenging thinking. She is the power of the arts and knowledge, and therefore throughout India she is the patron saint of the sciences. Vasant Panchami is the birthday of the goddess and is celebrated every year in temples, houses and schools and it is on this day that the first reading and writing lessons are given to pre-school children.
And it is that the Hindu goddess Saraswati is also the inventor of Sanskrit and the Vedas; in fact it was Brahma who created Saraswati as she needed her knowledge and creativity to generate all her creations.

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What is the purpose of Saraswati in the human path?

When education and artistic skills are productive, it can lead to certain achievements, and this is where creativity comes into the picture. goddess Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity and beauty.
The true work of Goddess Saraswati in the human condition is to ensure that the ego does not get in the way of constant learning, creativity and wisdom, both spiritual and intellectual. Having achieved this, Lakshmi will turn knowledge into vocation, a powerful tool for fortune, success and satisfaction.

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