10 magnificent advantages of using a stainless steel bottle

May 07, 2022

10 magníficas ventajas de usar botella de acero inoxidable

Hydrating is important. And do it in the best way too.
In this article we want to celebrate the use of stainless steel bottles  and remember why it is the most sustainable and healthy option there is.

1. Stainless steel bottles are sustainable

Taking care of this beautiful planet is one of the great reasons to use a stainless steel bottle.
A study calculated that only approximately 10% of the plastic used is recycled, and that of this ten only 50% is recycled, the other 50 ends up in landfills where it takes up to 1000 years to biodegrade.
Drinking water from a steel bottle significantly reduces this sad picture.

2. You avoid contact with BPA

Although in some countries such as Canada or the United States the use of BPA has been prohibited in all products for human consumption, in Spain the prohibition of said substance has been eliminated in the Waste Law.
BPA (bisphenol) is a chemical compound that is used to harden the plastic in many plastic containers and that studies have shown has serious consequences for human and environmental health.

Using reusable bottles and non-plastic, you reduce contact with this chemical and also reduce its circulation on the planet.

3. Contains no other harmful chemicals

Apart from bisphenol, you also have to keep an eye open for other toxic substances that are used in the manufacture of plastic. And not only in single-use containers, but also in some reusable plastic bottles, they can contain harmful elements that are released over time or in high temperatures and are ingested.

4. Free of mold and bacteria

Another advantage of using stainless steel bottle is that they do not corrode or rust. Its material is hermetic, unlike plastic that is porous and can be scratched, hiding traces of bacteria or mold.

5. Steel bottles leave less footprint

Another sustainable reason is that the production and marketing of bottled water produces a lot of polluting energy and also requires three times the amount of water in each bottle.

6. They do not retain flavor or odor

Has it ever happened to you that you drink water from a bottle and it tastes like something else it had before?
Being non-porous, the material in steel bottles won't retain taste or smell and you can rest assured that if you ever put coffee or tea in it, it won't smell that way forever.

Also, another advantage of good stainless steel bottles they can go in the dishwasher. 

7. Keep your drink hot or cold

Forget drinking heated water when you're dying of thirst.
Unlike plastic or glass containers, stainless steel is a thermal insulator so cold water will stay that way for hours!

8. It is durable and cheaper

Having to buy a bottle of water every time you are thirsty adds to your expenses.
You can use the same steel bottle for years because it is made of a very strong material that does not break.

Of course, it will be time to change it when you notice that it has a taste or smell that does not go away or when the plastic part of the mouth begins to crack.

9. Easy to transport 

In addition to being made of a very light material, on the part of the mouthpiece they usually have a ring or hook that offers multiple advantages when carrying it with you, either by hand or to hang it from your bag or backpack.
Your steel bottle goes with you everywhere and you will always know that it is yours because it is unique ;)

10. Hydrate to tastes and colors!

Drinking water becomes a more personalized experience and there are now all kinds of designs, colors and details in this type of bottle.
For example, what is more aligned than drinking water from a plastic-free bottle that has a sacred geometry design and a bamboo lid?
Take a look at our stainless steel water bottles, they are a beauty!



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