yoga in autumn

November 01, 2017

In our post last week, we introduced the autumn peculiarities and its consequences on your body and on your mind. Today, we leave you some guidelines for you to adjust your practice to this time of year. How to adapt your practice to autumn?
  • During the autumn it is important to practice with regularity and if possible, at the same time of day. This will help you establish a routine and find greater calm.
  • The rhythm of the movements will be slow and consciously, bringing attention to the breath.
  • We advise you to slow down your gestures and lower the intensity of your practice.
  • The best postures to perform during this period are those that stimulate and benefit the lungs. In this way we will strengthen the immune system preparing it for winter. It is also important to practice postures to relax and tone the large intestine, to cleanse ourselves and get rid of what we no longer need.
  • It is very important strengthen your roots and your earth connection.
  • During your practice, send your energy From the center. The work consists of strengthening an authentic center that sustains us throughout the year.
  • While you practice it is interesting to pay attention to the negative thoughts that hinder our practice. At first it's just about getting conscious from them. These unacknowledged thoughts are precisely what keep us in stagnant situations in our lives.
  • Each person has a way of not enjoying the practice and making it more difficult for them. During the session it can be a good moment to learn to observe these thoughts and attitudes and little by little, let them go.
Happy fall practice!

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