Yoga to strengthen the immune system

November 15, 2021

Yoga para fortalecer el sistema inmunológico

Yoga helps regulate and stimulate the immune system, keeping it healthy and strong and making it resistant to infection. Lack of sleep, poor nutrition and stress weaken our body's defenses.
In particular, stress hormones cause the reduction in size of the Thymus Gland, causing it to malfunction as a producer of cells of the immune system and therefore weakening the system.

Practicing yoga regularly is one of the most effective natural ways to boost the immune system. It reduces hormones caused by stress and stimulates the nervous and lymphatic systems, helping to eliminate toxins.
Yoga also calms the mind and improves the quality of sleep, which is crucial for a healthy and strong system.

Below we explain at a general level which group of postures are the most beneficial to strengthen the immune system, calm the body and stimulate its defenses.

chest opening poses

Chest opening poses will activate the main organ of the immune system, the thymus gland, located in the center of the chest. These poses also help open up the respiratory system.
The most beneficial poses for this purpose are cobra, bow, bridge, and camel pose.

forward postures

In general, yoga postures in which we fold on ourselves bring oxygen to the vertebrae and massage the digestive part. On a more emotional level, they invite introspection and connection with oneself, which directly calms tension and the nervous system. Postures such as the child, the clamp or the willow are excellent postures to strengthen the immune system.

investment positions

Inversions increase the passive circulation of the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the production and circulation of immune cells to defend the body against viruses and bacteria. Some inversion poses are headstand, plow, mountain, and candle.

All of these poses will help improve the flow of lymph and immune cells throughout the body.
Keep in mind that some of these poses should be practiced under the supervision of a qualified teacher, since the execution must be done correctly to avoid any type of injury. It is also important to have a mat that offers adherence and durability. At YogaYe we have a large selection of yoga mats suitable for all yogis.

Use this wonderful tool that is yoga and enjoy a lot of health and energy this fall!

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