Who we are

YogaYe is the project of Nicole Anderer, yoga teacher. Her passion for yoga has led her to choose a way of life more in line with her values.

After years working as a consultant for prestigious multinationals, Nicole trained as a Sivananda Yoga teacher in India. She is the initial founder of YogaYe and brings to this project her extensive experience in digital marketing and online commerce, as well as her studies in Business. Nicole is a positive, active, enterprising, traveler and curious person of other countries and cultures.

What was initially just a dream, today is a reality.

The closeness and satisfaction of our customers are very important to us. We're always happy to serve: whether it's someone looking for a yoga mat for their first class, or a yoga center about to open its doors that needs recommendations, an attractive budget, and/or some outreach to through our social networks.

Our business values ​​and life philosophy are reflected in YogaYe's vision, mission and product selection.

Serve the yoga community by offering products for happy growth and development.
YogaYe seeks to contribute to change by stimulating positive thinking and facilitating the transformation that yoga practice brings.

Since 2010 YogaYe collaborates with the NGO Bombay smiles: we donate 1% of all our sales with the aim of defraying the annual salaries of teachers in daycare centers (or Addiction) that this organization has in India.

Offer yoga, meditation and wellness products of the highest quality and reliability, in an accessible and safe way so that you can get the most out of your yoga practice.


Although we know that to do yoga you only need your body, mind and soul, there are beautiful things that greatly facilitate the practice. We want to offer you products that support you and help you focus on the postures, with which you can fully enter into your personal yoga experience and enrich yourself and grow on all levels.


At YogaYe we spend time searching, finding and acquiring the best yoga items.

The products that we offer at YogaYe are of high quality, respectful of the environment and with a functional and beautiful design, so that you do not have to spend time looking for them, you are freer and you can enjoy your practice to the fullest. As yoga practitioners and teachers, we know first-hand the needs of yogis.

We hope that YogaYe products will inspire you and make you happy. Remember that you can join our yoga classes in Barcelona and our online community of yogis and yoginis through our networks, at FacebookTwitterInstagram y Pinterest.